Erfurt (dpa / th) - Thuringia's teachers start the Christmas holidays according to the teachers' association.

The corona pandemic meant an additional burden for teachers, said Rolf Busch, chairman of the Thuringian teachers' association.

In particular, the so-called distance lessons, in which the students study at home and, for example, discuss tasks with their teachers via video conferences, is exhausting for the teachers and requires a lot of preparation.

"If we didn't have this blatant shortage of teachers, we could better cushion it," said Busch.

In his opinion, the personnel policy of the past few years is now taking double revenge in the corona pandemic.

Although the Christmas holidays for the approximately 245,000 schoolchildren in Thuringia do not begin until this Wednesday, the children and young people have been home for at least a week.

The reason is the corona pandemic.

In the course of the tough lockdown, daycare centers and schools were largely closed in the Free State.

Students should study from home.

In other federal states, the start of the Christmas holidays was brought forward in some cases, but Thuringia decided differently.


Even after the Christmas break, there are initially no plans to return to the classrooms - the current rules should remain in place until at least January 10th.

With a view to the time after the Christmas holidays, Busch called for clearer rules for emergency care.

In the past week, not only parents from certain occupational groups were able to send their children to emergency care, but also everyone who was able to demonstrate that they could not look after their children in accordance with the rules.

The decision about this should be made by the school management.

Busch called this regulation unrealistic.

In practice, the school administrators usually have no choice but to accept every request from the parents.

“I expect politicians to give clear rules that can actually be used on site,” he said.