The deadline for renewing NBA income agreements expired last night in Finnish time.

When Lauri Markkanen and the Chicago Bulls could not reach an agreement on the future before then, the fate of the Finn on the contract front will be left next summer.

At that time, the four-year income agreement entered into by Markkanen in the summer of 2017 will expire.

Before the expiration date, booking stars Jayson Tatum, De'Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo already had time to sign the largest possible follow-up contracts: five years, $ 163 million, or just over € 133 million.

In addition to this quartet, a slew of other players extended their contracts.

On the deadline, e.g.

Markelle Fultz (three years, $ 50 million, or € 40.9 million) reserved before Markka and Jonathan Isaac, who went sixth (four years, $ 80 million, or € 65.5 million), agreed on extensions.

From the top end of the 2017 booking event, e.g.

Lonzo Ball, Malik Monk, Dennis Smith and Frank Ntilikina, like Markkanen, were left without a continuation agreement.

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Media giant ESPN expert Bobby Marks explained why e.g.

Markkanen was left without a follow-up deal.

- Markkanen's value was not only hurt by the uneven training season (throwing in 38% of two-point throws and 31% of three-point throws in), but he also suffered from a short training period.

The new leadership and coaching didn’t get a decent opportunity to evaluate him, Marks writes.

Marks goes on to recall that a year ago in November, Markkanen threw the weakest pace of his career and played with only an average of 12 points while suffering injuries.

Later came a new injury.

- A year ago, a four-year, $ 70 million deal would have seemed like a real discount deal for him.

In the light of the current situation, such a sum would be grossly excessive.

The Bulls now have time throughout the season to assess his worth and situation.

Marks estimates that if Markkanen returns to the same level as he played in his second NBA season, the value of his extension contract would be about four years and $ 80 million, or $ 65.5 million a year.

On average, that would be 20 million bucks, or just under 16.4 million euros a year.

In the 2018–19 season referred to by Marks, Markkanen scored 18.7 points per game, took 9 rebounds and distributed 1.5 basket passes.

Playing time came to an average of 32.3 minutes per game.

Markkanen played 52 matches.