As the international order changes, such as the conflict between the United States and China, the Liberal Democratic Party's Strategic Headquarters has recommended to Prime Minister Kan that a national strategy from the perspective of economic security is necessary and that related legislation should be developed.

At the Liberal Democratic Party's "New International Order Creation Strategy Headquarters," Shimomura, the chairman of the political affairs investigation, and Amari, the chairman of the Amari tax system investigation chairman, met with Prime Minister Kan at the Prime Minister's Office on the afternoon of the 22nd to discuss economic security. I handed over the proposal.

The proposal states that in order to respond to the rapid changes in the international order, including the conflict between the United States and China, it is necessary to formulate an "economic security strategy" that considers national interests from an economic perspective, and to the government again next year. The ordinary Diet session requires the enactment of the "Economic Security Collective Promotion Law."

In response, Prime Minister Suga responded, "In April, we also set up an economic team at the National Security Agency. We would like to continue to improve the economic security system while coordinating with the party." I did.

After this, Mr. Amari told reporters, "I would like to support the government's strategy making that Japan's presence is indispensable when creating international frameworks and rules."