Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) - In the process of drug trafficking and the attempted murder of a police officer, the Frankfurt district court announced the verdicts against two of the four defendants.

The 44 and 49-year-old drug couriers received two years and ten years in prison, respectively, for trafficking and transporting drugs, it said on Tuesday.

A 45-year-old main defendant, who is on trial for the attempted homicide, is due to be sentenced in January.

The two convicted men had brought more than 50 kilograms of marijuana from Spain to Germany in a truck.

All four defendants were present at the handover of a partial quantity of the drug in a parking lot in an industrial park in Wiesbaden.

The main defendant is said to have raced towards an officer after a police check with intent to kill while escaping by car.

In the trial, the defendant admitted to fleeing, but claims not to have seen the police officer.

The jury chamber is expected to announce the verdict against him and another suspected drug dealer in mid-January.


The judgments against the two couriers are not yet final.