The corona virus has been diagnosed in 36 people on a Chilean base in Antarctica, the Chilean government reports.

Antarctica was the only continent so far where no infections had been reported.

According to foreign media, including the Australian

ABC News

, it concerns 26 soldiers and 10 civilians who carried out maintenance work on the base.

The virus was believed to have been brought to Antarctica by a Chilean naval vessel that visited the base in late November.

The base is located in the west of the continent around the South Pole, far away from other bases of other countries.

Chile has thirteen bases in Antarctica.

Scientists fear the impact of corona on fauna

In addition to Chile, Australia also has many centers for research on flora and fauna at the South Pole.

Australia has reported that all scientists and other personnel on these bases were tested a minimum of three times and quarantined for two weeks before leaving for Antarctica.

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research fears that the arrival of corona to the South Pole will have consequences for nature and animals, although it is not yet clear what the effects will be.

There is a fear that humans will transmit the virus to special animal species.