Tubetta elf Paapa was about to start a video broadcast and he couldn’t get in touch open because the thugs had disappeared.

“Slipper, Tahvo and Turbo, come help!” Shouted Paapa to the search elves.

The elves came to the scene.

“Can you help me find my yard?” Paapa asked.

“Yes we’re looking for them,” the searcher elves promised.

The search elves ran to the gift shop and saw the head elf Rusettinen.

“Oh well, what are you looking for elves here?” Rusettinen asked.

The elves replied, “We came to look for the bastards of the tuberous elf Paapa.

Have they been seen? ”.

The bow said, “Look at that pile of gifts if the hippo Teippinen has used them as strings for gift packages”.

Searcher elves went through a large pile of gifts, but no bows were found.

"Let's go to the sauna to see if Saunatottu would have put them there as decorations," said Tahvo.

In the sauna, the elves asked the Sauna elf: "Have you seen Paap's whistles?".

The sauna elf's hearing was already poor, so he didn't hear well.

“I haven’t seen any meat here,” Saunatonttu said.

The search elves looked at each other in astonishment.

“Yes, I can take that meat if you have it,” Saunatonttu continued.

The search elves thanked and headed for the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Christmas Tree was making rice porridge.

“Muori, have you seen the pipe elf Paapa's whistles?

We went to ask for the Sauna Elf, but he was talking about some meat, ”said Tossu.

“Oh, that Sauna Elf, when it’s already a little jumpy.

But no, those bumps haven't been seen here.

The almond has also disappeared into the porridge.

Would you like to look for it? ”Moore asked.

“Thank you, but we’re in a hurry to look for spikes so Paapa gets the video done.

However, save us porridge, and we will come later, ”said Tahvo.

The search elves hurried to Santa.

Buck was just watching the book, who would get presents this Christmas.

“The buck is helping, Paapa’s whips are gone,” Turbo shouted.

"And I lost my Peter!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and you should start packing your sleigh, ”Santa sighed.

“We can look for Petter at the same time if he knew something about the little ones,” Tahvo said.

“Good idea,” said the buck.



You saved Christmas!

Now all the kids in the world can see live from the video when the buck goes on a trip.

The elves ran towards the stable.

A funny sight awaited them in the stable.

Petter had tied Paapa's thorns to his nose.

“Petteri, what are you doing?” Slipper asked.

“My nose no longer shines so I try to recharge it,” Petteri said.

“Oh Petteri, it doesn’t work that way!

You have to eat more apples and your nose will start to shine again, ”the elves said with a laugh.

“That’s how it was!” Petteri said happily.

The search elves rushed to Paapa with the little ones.


You saved Christmas!

Now all the children in the world can see live from the video when the buck goes on a journey, ”Paapa said with relief.

“Yeah, I’d still clean up those thugs because you don’t know where they’ve been,” the elves laughed.

Elli Ojala, 8, Hollola

The article has been sent to the Christmas story competition announced by Ilta-Sanomat for 1st-6th graders.

The theme this year is Whether it's a special Christmas.