Following the spread of the mutated new coronavirus, the Strait of Dover, which is the main distribution artery between Britain and the European continent, continues to be disrupted, and Britain and France continue to talk.

In response to the spread of the mutated new coronavirus, which is said to be highly infectious in the United Kingdom, as many as 40 countries and regions are taking measures such as suspending the acceptance of airmail.

Of these,

▼ Germany, Poland, Sweden, etc. have suspended the acceptance of airmail from the United Kingdom, and

▼ Morocco, Hong Kong, etc. have restrictions on travel to the United Kingdom.

In the Strait of Dover, which is the aorta of logistics, France has


entering the country from the United Kingdom since the

21st, so trucks that can no longer cross the continent continue to stay.

Britain's interior minister, Patel, said in a show on the morning of the 22nd that he said he was in talks with the French side to resolve the turmoil, saying that there would be about 1,500 trucks in stagnation. It was.

In addition, the French government's minister for European affairs said on the night of the 21st that British Prime Minister Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron would soon agree on the necessary measures to allow entry from the United Kingdom.

Although specific measures have not been clarified, the French government is coordinating with the member countries of the EU = European Union, centering on a proposal to oblige immigrants to carry out virus tests.

However, even if entry is permitted, it will take some time for the stagnation of a large number of trucks to disappear, so some speculate that the turmoil may continue until Christmas.

There were concerns that the supply of daily necessities would be disrupted in Britain due to the disruption of transportation to the European continent, and some supermarkets had long queues of shoppers.

Toyota will shut down its engine plant in the United Kingdom on the 22nd and its passenger car assembly plant on the 23rd.

Both are scheduled to be closed from the 24th to the year-end and New Year holidays, and production can be canceled for

up to 2 days.

It also means that the assembly plant in France will be shut down on the afternoon and 23rd of the 22nd.

What is the traffic between Japan and England?

The government currently denies entry to the United Kingdom and does not allow new entry unless there are special circumstances.

Only Japanese and foreigners with medium- to long-term status of residence are allowed to enter the UK, and are required to have a virus test and wait at home for 14 days.

For short-term business trips to the UK within 7 days, people residing in Japan, whether Japanese or foreign, will have to wait 14 days under certain conditions when returning or entering the country. Is exempt.

As specific conditions, you are required to submit an "activity plan" that describes the places you visit, and do not use public transportation for 14 days after entering Japan.

Entry from all over the world

Like the United Kingdom, the government has taken the following steps to enter the country from around the world:

If a Japanese resident in Japan travels abroad and returns to Japan, or if a Japanese resident overseas returns to Japan, a virus test or a 14-day waiting period at home is required.

Similarly, if a foreigner residing in Japan travels abroad and returns to Japan, or if a foreigner residing overseas and having a medium- to long-term status of residence enters Japan, a virus test or a 14-day home will be conducted. You will be required to wait at.

On the other hand, there are exceptions, and if a person residing in Japan makes a short-term business trip abroad within 7 days, certain conditions will be met when returning or entering Japan, regardless of whether they are Japanese or foreigners. You will be exempt from waiting for 14 days.

In addition, the government has resumed traffic with some countries and regions.

With 11 countries / regions such as Thailand and Malaysia, we are resuming traffic for long-term residents such as expatriates of companies, and virus testing and waiting for 14 days are required.

Of these, in four countries, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore, short-term residents such as business trips are also resuming traffic, and in this case, 14 days of waiting is exempted under certain conditions. ..