Oslo (dpa) - BVB professional Erling Haaland has been awarded another prestigious football prize in his Norwegian homeland.

After being named Norway's Footballer of the Year, the 20-year-old was also awarded the so-called Kniksen Honor.

“I actually had no idea.

That was a nice surprise, "said the Borussia Dortmund striker and Norwegian national team player on Tuesday evening during the" Fotball Festival "on Eurosport Norway.

According to the broadcaster, he received the award in Qatar, where he is currently curing his torn muscle fiber.

Haaland is the youngest ever holder of the Kniksen Honor - normally it is only awarded to exceptional Norwegian footballers much later in their careers.

Until 2013, the Kniksen Prize was something like the Norwegian counterpart to Germany's Footballer of the Year.

It has now been replaced by the Gullballen (Golden Ball) that Haaland received on Sunday.

The Kniksen of Honor is still awarded by top Norwegian football to personalities or teams who have done something special in or for the football of the Scandinavian country.


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