• USA, today the 900 billion plan to stimulate the economy is being voted

  • Trump signs, avoided shutdown for another 48 hours.

    "China is behind the hacker attack"


December 22, 2020 The United States Congress has approved a $ 900 billion support plan for American families and businesses hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The approval of the plan by the House of Representatives and then the Senate opens the way for ratification by President Donald Trump.

The package includes a budget of 1,400 billion (of which 740.5 billion for Defense and 664.5 billion for other domestic programs) and new aid for almost 900 billion.

The measures for Covid-19 include 286 billion in helicopter money, more than half of which in checks for $ 600 to individuals earning up to $ 75,000 a year (or $ 1,200 to couples with incomes up to $ 150,000). ), increase unemployment benefits by $ 300 a week through March 14, extend tax breaks, allocate $ 300 billion in subsidized small business loans, and finance back to school.

Among other things, the 1.4 trillion budget bill provides for a 3% increase in military salaries and a 1% increase for other federal employees.

The National Institute of Health will receive 1.25 billion (with a budget that rises to 42.9 billion) while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will get 125 million which increase the budget to 7.9 billion.

There are also 1.375 billion for 56 miles of wall on the border with Mexico wanted by President Donald Trump (practically the same amount that was guaranteed to him the previous year).