On Friday, the government, led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, presented new restrictions to stop the spread of covid-19.

Among other things, the trade was urged to cancel the mid-day sale and not try to attract customers to their stores.

In addition, a maximum ceiling will be introduced on the number of visitors who may be in shops and shopping centers.

The restrictions will take effect on Christmas Eve and if they do not have the desired effect, it may be relevant to close entire operations, said Stefan Löfven.

In a normal year, Christmas shopping and mid-day sales would be some of the most important days of the year for the stores in Väla.

The head of the shopping center, Niklas Blonér, is worried.

- It is of course a must to minimize the infection rates that exist.

At the same time, the industry we live in is extremely heavily employed today - we lose about fifty percent of our customers.

Many of our stores are currently talking about survival.

Visitor responsibility

Choosing as a brand will not encourage stores to cancel their mid-day sale - it's up to each store.

On the other hand, visitors who enter the shopping center are counted and if it gets too crowded, the doors will be closed.

Niklas Blonér believes that the shopping center has done a lot to reduce the risk of infection and now urges visitors to take responsibility.

- That you arrive at times when there is a low number of visitors, do not shop unfocused without making a list at home in peace and quiet.

You do not have to go out with everyone in the family, but maybe one or two do the errands.