Take advantage of the best La Redoute promotions on toys for your children's Christmas gifts.



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While Santa Claus lists typically contain ten or so models, the budget for this post is not infinitely expandable.

Especially since everyone must be spoiled.

To help you please all the children around you, discover the promotions offered on the La Redoute website on a wide selection of games and toys.

Promotions on toys for the youngest

Young and old alike have fun unwrapping the packages.

Whether they are cuddly toys, construction games or carriers, each of them will make one happy.

Cuddly toys and other teddy bears are also popular with the little ones.

Both sweet and cute, they accompany the child for a long time.

  • This is for example the case of the crab doudou from the Doudou et compagnie brand, currently benefiting from a 7% discount, allowing its price to drop from 22.50 euros to 20.90 euros.

Get the crab blanket here

  • Musical activity toys are also great for spoiling a baby or toddler.

    He can accompany him everywhere and develop his alertness and his motor skills.

    The Mam'zelle Bou LED model benefits from a 10% discount.

    Its price is now 42.21 euros against 46.90 euros initially.

Get the Mam'zelle Bou toy here

  • If you want to offer a durable toy, also consider carriers and other evolutionary bikes and balance bikes like the Homcom Carrier for Children, currently on sale with 47% off.

    Its price is 36.90 euros against 69.90 euros previously.

Get the children's car here

Still more discounts on children's toys

For older children, it's impossible to miss out on imitation games and toys.

Between 3 and 6 years old, children love to create their stories and imagine themselves in everyday situations.

Why then not offer them:

  • A small kitchen to make delicious little dishes like their parents.

    The Burlywood wooden model of the Teamson Kids brand is rightly discounted by 30%, thus rising to 104.99 euros.

Get the children's kitchen here

  • Or a camera to capture everyday moments or family vacations.

    The Kidizoom Duo Dx model is currently on sale, at -14% (with a price of 59.99 euros).

Get the Kidizoom Duo Dx here

  • They also like to take advantage of the outdoors to exercise and have fun on a trampoline like the Classic JT2D currently at -66% (or at 179.90 euros instead of 259.90 euros) or with small accessories such as the wheelbarrow. red metallic Rolly Toys brand with a 29% discount.

Get the Classic JT2D trampoline here

Get the Rolly Toys wheelbarrow here

Whatever the desires and tastes of the children, you are always certain to please them with a game or a toy.

And you are spoiled for choice with the promotions currently offered in this universe.

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