Taiwan's pharmaceutical factory caught fire, Taiwan media: it is estimated that it will be completely extinguished on the 21st

  [Global Times reporter Tao Xinran] Taoyuan Xufu Pharmaceutical Factory, which once supplied the island’s anti-epidemic raw materials, spread a fire on the 20th, causing concern on the island.

  The Taoyuan City Government Fire Department received a report at noon on the 20th that a fire broke out in a factory in Haihu, Luzhu District, and flames emerged. People in the vicinity heard the sound first, and then saw heavy smoke rushing into the sky, several kilometers away. see.

The fire broke out this time from Xufu Pharmaceutical Factory, a major API manufacturer on the island.

According to Lianhe News, the Taoyuan City Fire Department quickly mobilized 652 firefighters and ambulances, and 187 police and firefighters went to rescue.

The factory is a building with 5 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. The fire burned on the 3rd floor. Employees surnamed Xu and Filipino foreign workers were resting in the dormitory at the time. They discovered the explosion and went out for inspection. As a result, the Filipino foreign workers suffered severe burns and were alive. Dangerous, the employee surnamed Xu was slightly injured.

  The fire department stated that the fire could not be extinguished for the time being. The main reason was that Xufu Pharmaceutical Factory stored a large amount of volatile and highly soluble chemical solvents. During multiple sporadic explosions, the solvents continued to flow out and affected all the equipment in the factory. In addition, the northeast monsoon turned to the factory and the temperature of the factory High, the firefighters could not enter the fight and had to let it burn.

Firefighters defended more than 10 factories in the rear to prevent the spread.

China Times Electronic News reported on the evening of the 20th that the fire had burned for about 4 hours and had spread to 4 neighboring factories. It is estimated that it will not be completely extinguished until the 21st.

Xufu Chairman Weng Weijun rushed to the scene on the afternoon of the 20th and emphasized that work had not started on that day, and only two or three employees worked overtime to finish the work. As for the cause and location of the fire, it remains to be clarified.

He did not deny that the most concentrated fire is in the production area, and the property losses cannot be assessed yet.

  Xufu is located in Luzhu, Taoyuan. It is a well-known API factory on the island. Previously, because the hydroxychloroquinine API produced by the plant was considered to be helpful for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, Tsai Ing-wen visited Xufu in April this year and the industry was on the spot. He promised to donate 1 ton of raw materials to help Taiwan fight the epidemic.

In response to this fire, Taiwan’s “Central Epidemic Command Center” spokesperson Zhuang Renxiang said on the 20th that at present hydroxychloroquinine is not important for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, so this accident should not affect epidemic prevention, but whether it caused other diseases. Drug issues need to be further investigated by the "Food and Drug Administration".

"Director of Food and Drug Administration" Wu Xiumei said that most of the drugs produced by Xufu are exported, and the raw materials used by the pharmaceutical factories on the island are of diverse sources. This incident should not affect the supply of drugs on the island.