Leipzig (dpa / sn) - A Bundeswehr soldier from the Special Forces Command (KSK), in whose garden in Collm (Northern Saxony district) illegal weapons and explosives were found, will have to answer before the Leipzig Regional Court from January 22nd.

The KSK member is accused of violating the War Weapons Control Act, the Weapons Act and the Explosives Act, as a court spokeswoman announced on Monday.

The Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office filed charges against the 45-year-old at the beginning of November and submitted them to the Leipzig Regional Court.

The prosecution has now allowed this and set a total of eight appointments until the end of March, the spokeswoman explained.

During a search of the 45-year-old's property in May of this year, two kilograms of professional explosives, several thousand pieces of rifle and pistol ammunition, a crossbow, a smoke hand grenade as well as firearms and weapon parts - including a silencer - were found and seized.


At the beginning of December, the man was released from custody under certain conditions.

Among other things, a security deposit of 15,000 euros was deposited.

In addition, the soldier had to report to the police every week and was not allowed to leave Germany.