China News Service, December 21. According to a report by South American Overseas Chinese News Network on the 21st, according to the data of the National Energy Control Center of Costa Rica, although the new crown epidemic has reduced the country’s electricity consumption by about 3%, the country’s renewable energy power generation accounts for the entire country. The proportion of total power generation still reached 99.78%, which also marks that the proportion of renewable energy power generation in Costa Rica has exceeded 98% for six consecutive years.

  According to reports, preliminary data as of December 15 show that the five types of clean energy generation in Costa Rica’s national power system accounted for 99.78% of the country’s total power generation in 2020, while fossil energy generation has fallen since 1986 The lowest.

  Data show that hydropower is still the main source of electricity in Costa Rica, accounting for 71.95%.

Next is geothermal power generation, accounting for 14.90%; wind energy is ranked third, accounting for 12.39%; biomass energy and solar energy account for 0.54%.

  According to the report, although the dry season has arrived, the five regulating reservoirs of Costa Rica’s National Electricity Agency are still at their optimal water levels. The main one of them, the Arenal Reservoir, has exceeded 541 meters.

  Irene Canas, executive director of Costa Rica’s National Electricity Agency, said, “Although 2020 is a difficult year, Costa Rica’s electricity production is still firmly moving towards the goal of low carbon.” (Gao Xuefeng)