Or at least I want to believe that little miracles always happen at Christmas.

Nothing big but little magic.

Like today when I swam fast in the morning to a convenience store to pick up breakfast.

We’ve had eight or six kids having breakfast over the weekend and somehow the bread runs out faster.

Well this morning then a familiar merchant got excited to see me as there was my undelivered package from Kenya in the mail.

It was a miracle, as the package was sent almost a year ago from Kenya.

I remember three months after the shipment we tried to trace the package;

then it was still found in Moscow.

After Moscow, the traces disappeared and I guess we gave up a bit.

We forgot the package.

Today it was suddenly in the mail.

The package included a summer hat from Kenya made by a friend of mine (found in a soma called Bushmama) as well as a braided necklace from local Masai, which I decided was perfect for Christmas as well.

I love so little the little ethnic nuance in everything;

even the smallest detail becomes such a good carefree down-to-earth feel.

And at home the children have decorated the spruce.

It’s no wonder now, but a little more wonderful is that the home is pretty full of elves.

Indeed, I have chosen a man's spouse, whose removal vehicle had two blue Ikea bag of Christmas elves.

Soft and hard, old and new, big and small.

One on the back of a pig, one in a pull, one in white angel clothes.

And others like that, at least thirty.

I packed the Ikea bags back into storage, but during the workouts, the kids had a fun task from Olavi to decorate the home with the elves.

Now they can be found everywhere.

I'm not an elf person at all (at all) but I guess it's a bit of a miracle then that my home is now full of elves.

And now it's awful to miss them.

So those children.

Went to his father today.

Fortunately, Olli will visit tomorrow and I must call Aino to get a little hug.


We once have a holiday for everyone.


See you, hugs.