At the Cabinet meeting on the 21st, the government decided on a budget plan for the next fiscal year and the third fiscal year of Reiwa, where the total amount of the general account will reach a record high of 106,609.7 billion yen.

Newly issued government bonds to cover this financial resource will exceed the previous year for the first time in 11 years in comparison with the initial budget, and severe financial management will continue.

The national budget for the next fiscal year, which was approved by the Cabinet on the 21st, has a total of 106,609.7 billion yen in the general account, exceeding the initial budget of this year by 3,951.7 billion yen, the largest ever, and 100 trillion yen for the third consecutive year. It exceeds.

Behind the significant increase in expenditures is that "social security expenses" increased by 150.7 billion yen from this year to 35,842.1 billion yen, the largest ever, and "defense expenses" increased from this year. It increased by 61 billion yen to a record high of 5,323.5 billion yen, and as a response to the new coronavirus, 5 trillion as a "reserve fund" that can be used flexibly without the approval of the Diet. For example, we have recorded yen.

On the other hand, revenue is set at 57,448 billion yen, which is 6.6 trillion yen less than the initial budget for this fiscal year, in anticipation of deterioration of corporate performance due to the impact of the new corona.

In addition, the amount of new government bonds issued is 37.596 trillion yen for deficit-financing bonds to make up for the lack of revenue and 6.341 trillion yen for construction government bonds, totaling 43.579 trillion yen, which is the initial budget stage for this year. It has increased by 11,040.8 billion yen from.

Comparing the initial budgets, the amount of new government bond issuance exceeded the previous year for the first time in 11 years, and the ratio of government bonds to the total revenue is 40.9%.

The government will submit this next year's budget together with the third supplementary budget for this year, which was decided on the 15th of this month, to the ordinary session of the Diet at the beginning of the year.