(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) British Minister of Health warns that new mutant strain may be out of control

  China News Agency, London, December 20 (Zhao Xingyi) British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in an interview with the media on the 20th that it is leading to the implementation of the highest level of the fourth level in the capital London and the southeastern part of the UK. The blocked mutant new coronavirus strain may have been out of control.

  Hancock warned that the number of virus infections in the UK has risen sharply in the past few days, with 35928 new cases on the 20th, the highest single-day record since the outbreak in the UK. The total number of confirmed cases has exceeded 2 million.

Before the vaccine is widely promoted, it will be "very difficult" to control a new highly infectious mutant strain.

Data map: On December 8, the United Kingdom began to receive the new crown vaccine.

  The published evidence showed that the variant strain named VUI2020/01 appeared in mid-September, and its transmission rate was 70% higher than that of the original new crown virus strain, which is the main reason for the current rapid increase in infection rates in London and the southeast of the United Kingdom.

A set of published data shows that the new mutant strain is spreading rapidly in London and surrounding areas, and the number of infections in some areas surged by 200% a week.

In a residential area in Essex, the most severely affected area, the number of infected cases increased from 180 to 533 within a week, an increase of 207%.

  Hancock said that in the face of out-of-control mutant strains, the government must take immediate "quick and decisive" action.

It is very necessary and timely to impose a fourth-level epidemic blockade on London and the southeastern part of the UK.

There are 16.4 million people living under the highest level of lockdown restrictions, which may last for several months.

Hancock warned that people need to be cautious and serious about acting "as if they are almost infected with this virus", especially in the fourth-level lockdown areas.

  The coming Christmas is the most important holiday of the year for the British, but the government has changed the original "relaxed" restriction plan. Hancock said, "I understand people's feelings. The government does not want to cancel Christmas, but in order to prevent The'out of control' state of a new mutated coronavirus must strengthen restrictive measures." (End)