Marko Anttila.

Lion captain Marko Anttila and his family head to the cottage whenever the opportunity arises.

So it is at Christmas.

This year, Anttila only has time for a couple of days at his cottage during Christmas, but even a short respite is more than welcome.

- At the cottage in the middle of nature, you get your thoughts off the hockey for a while, says the captain of the Lions World Championship 2019.

The Jokerit, represented by “Mörkö” Anttila, will play an away match in Moscow on the eve of eve.

The next day, Anttila plans to be at his cottage in Vesilahti in the Lempäälä neighborhood.

The visit is fast, because on Christmas Eve Anttila is already traveling back to the capital.

On Assassination Day, the Jokers jump into the trough again.

After Anttila leaves for work, the family will still enjoy the cottage life.

- Fortunately, we are already used to this rhythm, Anttila says.

Anttila's Christmas tree has a size when even a more than two-meter disc star needs a podium to place a Christmas star. Photo: Marko Anttila's home album

Christmas in the heart of nature has become a tradition at Anttila.

It’s no wonder, as the pucker says he spends almost all of his free time in the cottages.

- The cottage must be shaved whenever there is at least a couple of days off.

In the spring and summer, there was enough free time when the hockey season ended prematurely.

- We seem to be at the cottage for three months in the tube.

We always spend summers mostly at the cottage.

For Christmas, a group of less than ten people will gather at the cottage.

- Everyone is precise and takes care of hand hygiene, for example.

I am also tested for my profession really often, Anttila says.


 It starts with morning porridge.

After that we head to the sauna and a lot.

At Anttila's cottage, the Christmas Eve day program is very traditional.

- It starts with morning porridge.

After that we head to the sauna and a lot.

Winter swimming in the lake is really important to us.

In the evening we eat through a long formula.

Anttila has a three-year-old daughter, to whom the joys of children's Christmas are slowly beginning to dawn.

- Last year we had Santa Claus for the first time.

The puck season has been exceptionally consuming for players.

There has been enough fuss around the Jokers in particular.

The coronavirus rumbled in the autumn on the Helsinki team, causing illness and quarantine.

- There have been all kinds of challenges mentally, and even a small break is now good.

However, I still can’t complain because we’ve been allowed to play and practice our profession.

And what does a puck star think is best for Christmas?

- Calm down with the family is definitely the most important thing.

Photo: Nina Backman's home album

Host Niina Backman: A wonderful peace in an electric and waterless cottage

The presenter Niina Backman and her family head to the cottage in Central Finland on the day of slaughter, when other Christmas traditions have first been celebrated at home.

- Cottage is really important to us.

The cottage always stops to enjoy the moment, Backman says.

At the cottage, the hectic rhythm of everyday life calms down.

A few days are already working wonders, but now we have time to be at the cottage until the beginning of the New Year.

- Peace, nature, the forest, the lake landscape and the hustle and bustle of the cottage soothe and balance the mind.

For us, the cottage is always a real detachment from everyday life.

Fortunately for the family peace, the teenage daughters and ten-year-old boy also enjoy the cottage.

Lore Backman used to go to the opening of the cottage beach with a flower hat on his head. Photo: Backman's home album

The Backman cottage is far from any other settlement.

The cottage has no electricity, so when it gets dark we are in the light of candles or a headlamp.

The waters are carried in and the halos are hacked.

- We are excited about logging, that's our common thing.

I usually want to hack and Lore arranges the logs, Niina refers to her husband Lore Backman.

- I have an ax and a chainsaw in my hand, because last summer I was also excited about a chainsaw.

The trees have to be chopped, as the cottage is wood-heated.

- And big enough that it takes a while before it warms up in the winter.

I enjoy when everything is done by myself.

For me, cottage means just that.

Sauna is part of cottage life every single day.

- I am excited to visit the hole in the ice.

I’m not there for as long as I take a dip, but it gets such a good feeling that I get hooked on it, Backman says.

A breath of peace in the cottage will really be needed.

- It's been a very special year.

On the other hand, January and the beginning of the year are a nice time, so I look forward to it too.

Sami Garam and his wife Nina plan to descend into the Christmas atmosphere at the Christmas worship service at Lammi District, which will be held in a corona-safe outdoors this year.

The photo was taken at the same event last year. Photo: Sami Garam's album

Chef Sami Garam: Romantically two in an old log house

Chef Sami Garam and his wife Nina head to Lami for Christmas.

- This is the second Christmas together as a married couple and the third at the cottage, Garam calculates.

Christmas is corona-safe for a small group.

- We have a tradition of celebrating small Christmases with smaller groups before the actual eve.

Not everyone is invaded at the same time.

We were with the kids last week, and this weekend I met my daughter.

Grandparents don’t get to the meetings now, they skip them with popularity.

For the peace of Christmas, Sami and Nina land in pairs.

- We're on the land for two.

It would have been anyway, but now here came this corona hook.

Sami Garam spends Christmas with his wife Nina in a sympathetic cottage.Photo: Sami Garam

Sami and Nina plan to stick to some Christmas traditions.

Corona-safe, of course.

- The ponds have a nice medieval stone church.

We have had a tradition of walking there and attending Christmas services.

Then we walk back and eat.

Now that worship service is said to be an outdoor event.

We go there and take the mulled wine in the backpack.

The couple will leave for Ponds a week before Christmas.

The old log house needs to be warmed up before Eve.

- Yes, it burns wood in the baking oven.


 After all, there could even be farts, but yes we put the cooler on.

On Christmas Eve, a little better is dug on, even if the cottage is.

- It could be there even in fart nets, but yes we put the cooler on.

Lots of candles.


And we like to eat.

How, then, does a professional chef eat at Christmas?

Does a kilo of ham go even before Samu Sirka's Christmas greeting comes on TV?

- We don't have that kind of normal Christmas table.

The idea is to eat the roe for lunch, and nothing else.

Do not want to scream.

On the other hand, it makes no sense to load a fish table that huh reflects, it has ten pounds of food in front.

The boxes and ham are then eaten somewhere else.

Maria Huntington is a Christmas man.

The trainings will also be paused for a moment. Photo: Maria Huntington's home album

Top athlete Maria Huntington: by no means workout at Christmas!

Christmas is a breathtaking time for even the top athlete, says heptathlete Maria Huntington.

- Before Christmas there is a hard training period, but after that you can sit back.

The intention is to eat well and not meditate on food, Huntington says.

Huntington, 23, says he is the last to be a Christmas man.

- I atmospherics Christmas already well in advance, he says, laughing.

- Gifts are not important to me, but the fact that you can spend time with loved ones.

This has been the case since childhood.

Our Christmas has always included certain traditions, such as the Christmas sauna, rice porridge and Christmas carols.


 Our Christmas has always included certain traditions, such as the Christmas sauna, rice porridge and Christmas carols.

Huntington spends part of his Christmas at his boyfriend's parents' cottage in Jyväskylä.

The couple is heading there with these prospects on the day of slaughter.

- We visit the cottage very often, especially in the summer.

We use the cottage even in the winter, the last time we were there was a couple of weeks ago.

At the cottage we make good food and spend time with each other.

While an athletics star takes a break from training at Christmas, it by no means means bed rest.

- When children are involved, we play with them, play yard games and go ice skating.

If there is snow, then we are playing a snow war.

You move unnoticed.

But I don’t do any actual workouts by any means!

Huntington takes care of corona safety by avoiding meeting new people.

- By the way, we are in constant contact with my family and my boyfriend's family, which we meet at Christmas.

Of course, this is a difficult situation for everyone.

Christmas is only celebrated with people who are definitely healthy, Huntington says.

Anu Vehviläinen is a passionate cottage. Photo: Anu Vehviläinen's home album.

Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen: with her boyfriend at the cottage

For Anu Vehviläinen, Christmas is a time of celebration for two reasons, as her son turns 20 on the day of slaughter.

- My son is always my best Christmas present, says the Speaker of Parliament.

Vehviläinen celebrates the holidays with his son in his cottage in North Karelia, on the shores of Lake Höytiäinen in the municipality of Kontiolahti.

From his home in Joensuu, Vehviläinen has a distance of just over 40 kilometers to the cottage.

- I love that place passionately.

I enjoy nature and the four seasons.

In the middle of nature, I get away from the storms of politics for a moment, Vehviläinen says and says that he tries to relax in the cottage for at least one night every week.

Anu Vehviläinen's mocha has stunning scenery. Photo: Anu Vehviläinen's home album


 In the middle of nature, I get away from the storms of politics for a moment.

This year, Vehviläinen's Christmas party is exceptionally small.

- My mother living in Savo is a risk group over 70 years old.

So we spend Christmas with my two sons.

The year in Parliament has been busy.

Now Vehviläinen is going to breathe for a moment.

- We go out and eat well.

I read a lot - I booked already several books on the period of Christmas.

My son might go on winter nets with a cottage neighbor.

Before the Saints, we go to Joensuu to take the candles to my husband's grave.

- It's also wonderful to be so far away that you don't have to wear a mask all the time.

It's a luxury these days!

-In addition to going to the cemetery, we don't move anywhere, says Lilli Earl. Photo: Lilli Earl's home album

Lilli Earl: for the cottage, wool socks on foot and a book in hand

Lilli Earl, who works as the administrative manager of Theater Jurka, will be able to spend Christmas on Monday.

The family will head to the cottage in Visavuori on Tuesday.

Christmas at the cottage on the shores of Vanajavesi is part of the family tradition.

Earl and her husband have two children, of whom the daughter is studying international law in Tallinn and the son is preparing for business studies.

- It's especially wonderful that Emilie can join now.

Due to limitations, we have not seen the times.

Finally the whole family is together, Lilli Earl rejoices.

Christmas is celebrated this time around four.

- Apart from going to the cemetery, we don't move anywhere.

For me, Christmas is exactly that wool socks on my feet reading good books by the fireplace.

Or play games with each other.

Earl of the Crown Year Earl wants to spend more peacefully than usual.

- This year has put life's priorities in order.

When you get around the dearest people of all, it’s so valuable that there’s no price tag for it.


 When you get around the dearest people of all, it’s so valuable that there’s no price tag for it.

Earl's 90-year-old mother, Professor Kari Suomalainen's widow Lippe Suomalainen, will not join Visavuori.

For him, the family will take Christmas food and presents on Monday.

Eve culminates in a Catholic Mass from Rome, which Earl, a Catholic, listens to at night.

On Christmas Day, Christmas is celebrated again because Lill’s husband Paul is English.

- We celebrate a double Christmas, because the local Christmas food with its turkeys and other customs is different from the Finnish one.

IS photographed in Juha Tamminen's sauna in 2015. Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

Hockey influencer Juhani Tamminen: an exceptional Christmas on the island

If the weather just allows, hockey influencer Juhani Tamminen plans to defy the cold, pack Christmas treats in a boat and head to his cottage on the island of Haapaluodo in Turku.

- Now the weather is so mild that “Buster” is still on the beach.

Probably no later than Christmas Day, we will move to an island that is one mile away by boat, Tamminen says.

Christmas for a passionate sauna man, of course, includes bathing.

- I'm also hard fisherman.

Rarely at this time of year can I lower the nets into the waters, but now I’m going to do it at the cottage.

I count straight from the cliff a couple of nets for the former edges of professional fishermen.

I look forward to seeing what the end result will be.

Tamminen may spend Christmas this time with his two wives, Mari.

- Traditionally, we have gathered with the whole family, but this time there must be language in the middle of the mouth with meetings between children and grandchildren.

If you can’t spend time together, then take the famous remote connection.

After a sauna and possible fishing, the Oaks calm down at the Christmas table.

- My wife is a great cook.

After the meal, gifts are distributed, which are traditionally books.

We are book freaks.

After washing the dishes, we pull back to the books pretty quickly.