The British Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is calling for a new way to create secure passwords.

The security company Specops Software said in a press release.

The name of the initiative is #thinkrandom, which means three random words.

Using words found in the dictionary as passwords has long been condemned as a dangerous idea, but #thinkrandom seeks to strike a balance between security and easy remembering of passwords.

The idea is to write three random words in a pipe style coffeetrainfish or even field cake renovation.

The method has been criticized for being faster to crack such passwords compared to a password containing various random characters.

Specops thinks both camps are right, and the solution can be found in the middle ground, where the password is made up of three carefully chosen words.

Words should not be ones that have been leaked in the past.

To check, you can use the prestigious Have I Been Pwned online service, which keeps track of usernames revealed in various data leaks.

Enter the three words of your intended password alternately for this service, and do not use them if the service warns you that they are compromised.

However, be aware that it may take some time to find suitable words.

Finnish words are worth considering because our language area is small and therefore our words may have ended up in the wrong hands relatively little.

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# The Thinkrandom initiative aims to address the problem of billions of weak passwords.

It allows hackers to infiltrate user accounts even without sophisticated password cracking techniques.

Examples of such bad passwords include Liverpool # 1, Pa $$ word7 and Spring2020 !.

In the past, this was fought by advising the creation of passwords that use a variety of characters, such as uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

The problem, however, was that this drove people to repeat certain formulas, such as the numbers at the end of the password or the replacement of the letter s with $.

As a result, password security is estimated to have been compromised.

Microsoft and Google, for example, have also sought to get rid of the old password thinking.

Microsoft has stressed that changing passwords on a regular basis in companies is a bad idea, as people have to choose a new password-like option.

Another problem is that the new password may still be forgotten.

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According to Specops, the single most important factor in password security is its length, as long as it does not use, for example, too common words or repetitive characters.