In North Karelia, two similar searches were launched at noon on Sunday.

The announcements came to the emergency center all in a row, about every fifteen minutes.

The tasks are police-led, which means in practice that in both cases there is no longer an urgent need to save lives.

- Inspection tasks, the authorities state.

Divers from the North Karelia Rescue Department and the Border Guard help the police.

One person has been reported missing, although there are two evocative avant-garde avant-garde.

Another destination is Saimaa's Pyhäselkä, near Hammaslahti in the area of ​​present-day Joensuu.

According to the Eastern Finnish police, the person on the beach reported seeing a dark myth on the ice.

There was found a backpack and an open pit that divers are currently exploring.

Correspondingly, a person was missing in Lieksa, and an abyss was found on the ice of Pielinen, which was examined.

Police announced in the afternoon that a dead man was found in the opening at 2:05 p.m.

The man had not been seen in his apartment since Friday.

The last observations of the man were from the ice of Pielinen, which is why the searches were directed there.

According to police, neither of the openings may be quite recent, but they may have occurred in the last few days.

The weekend in the lakes of North Karelia was gloomy even before the searches that began on Sunday.

On Saturday, an elderly man died at the southern end of Pielinen in Eno after leaving on a kick sled on the ice.

The rescue service has warned people of weak ice.

Story updated on 20.12.2020 at 14.46.

Updated information that the searches in Lieksa have ended after the man was found dead.