While inbound consumption by Chinese tourists cannot be expected due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a program was broadcast live on the night of the 19th to introduce Japanese specialties such as sake on Chinese SNS to boost sales.

It was planned by the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and was broadcast live on the Chinese version of Twitter "Weibo" on the night of the 19th.

At the studio in Beijing, Minister Yoshiko Kijima of the Japanese Embassy and Chinese influencer women who are influential on the Internet appeared to promote special products from all over Japan.

In the section that introduces sake, we connected with a sake brewing company in Kochi prefecture and listened to the story about the charm of sake live.

In addition, a Chinese online shopping site has been introduced so that people who watch the program can purchase the product immediately, and the program was watched by a total of nearly 1.7 million people in about three and a half hours.

As the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan has decreased sharply due to the influence of the new coronavirus and inbound consumption cannot be expected, the Japanese retail industry is expanding the movement to sell products to Chinese consumers online.