Finland and Sweden are competing at a rare time in the EHT tournament in Moscow: the match started at 10.00.

The Lions started the match sharply and immediately created dangerous goal-scoring situations near the Swedish bum in the opening minute.

However, Finland did not get the taste of the opening goal despite two situations of force majeure.

The Lions showed that they were hungry: the skate moved and the team won several duels and grabbed the loose discs for themselves many times.

Janne Juvonen had little work in the first round of his national team career.

Finland started the Moscow tournament on Thursday by ringing the Czech Republic 4–3.

Finnish fields

With paint:

31 Janne Juvonen

In reserve:

30 Jussi Rynnäs

Field 1:

82 Harri Pesonen - 75 Arttu Ilomäki - 20 Niko Ojamäki

6 Tony Sund - 7 Oliwer Kaski

Field 2:

34 Julius Nättinen - 37 Mikael Ruohomaa - 71 Juuso Puustinen

42 Robin Salo - 2 Ville Pokka

Field 3:

13 Julius Junttila - 18 Otto Paajanen - 25 Jere Karjalainen

40 Petteri Lindbohm - 38 Juuso Hietanen

Field 4:

80 Teemu Turunen Teemu - 62 Robert Leino - 28 Henri Ikonen

3 Niklas Friman - 41 Petteri Nikkilä