Every year, Professor Charlotta Mellander chooses Sweden's best Christmas municipality on her blog, based on economic parameters: number of children, access to toy and candy stores.

And then it should be cold weather so you get a lot of snow.

Åre has been ranked for a maximum of three years in a row, but this year it is Högsby from Småland that is barking.

For this Christmas, nothing is the same.

Instead of a cold winter, warm is now considered better (easier to be outdoors).

And then it should be empty of people.

- I have corona adapted it because we may have to spend time outdoors with old people and our risk groups.

The sparser it is, the better it is, says Charlotta Mellander.

In second place in the ranking is Strömstad and in third place Skurup.

Hear her tell more about the survey in - and how seriously to take it - the clip below.

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Professor Charlotta Mellander at the Jönköping Business School explains why Högsby is the best this Christmas.

Photo: SVT