China News Service, December 18th. According to the State Grid website, recently, due to the influence of large-scale cold waves and the rapid recovery of industrial production, demand for electricity has grown rapidly, and power supply in some areas has been tight in a short period of time.

State Grid has researched and introduced eight measures to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity during the peak winter.

Including, in principle, not arranging maintenance work that affects the power supply capacity, and making every effort to ensure the electricity supply of residents.

——Ensure the safe operation of the power grid.

Closely track the weather changes and the supply of electricity, coal and gas, strengthen the unified dispatch of the whole network, and arrange the operation mode reasonably. During the peak winter peak period, in principle, no maintenance work that affects the power supply capacity will be arranged.

Strengthen the risk management and control of production safety and infrastructure construction, and do a good job in responding to the rain, snow and freezing disasters.

 -Increase power transmission capacity.

Give full play to the advantages of the large power grid platform, tap the power transmission potential of cross-regional and cross-provincial channels, actively organize power resources, ensure the maximum capacity of power transmission channels such as Qishao DC, Exiang, Egan, etc., and vigorously support Hunan, Jiangxi and other places. Electricity.

——Ensure that residents use electricity for life.

Make every effort to ensure the electricity consumption of residents, strengthen monitoring of electricity consumption, and better meet residents' electricity demand.

Strengthen the safe use of electricity for heating facilities, and do a good job of supplying electricity to users of "coal-to-electricity" to ensure that the people are warm in winter.

——Strengthen demand side management.

In accordance with the principle of "demand response priority and orderly power consumption guarantee", strictly implement the demand response and orderly power utilization plan formulated by the government, timely communicate and coordinate work, and make every effort to maintain the order and stability of power supply and utilization.

  ——Do a good job in the maintenance of electrical equipment.

Strengthen the operation and maintenance of power facilities, promptly investigate and eliminate hidden dangers, ensure the safe operation of equipment, and improve power supply guarantee capabilities.

—— Give full play to the role of the electricity market.

Perform the inter-provincial annual power transmission contract in full in accordance with the contract.

Coordinate channels and demand for electricity purchase and sale, meet the power purchase needs of key provinces to the greatest extent, and make good use of the capacity of UHV AC and DC transmission channels among other provinces.

Closely track changes in the power supply and demand situation and optimize and adjust transaction arrangements in a timely manner.

——Do a good job of quality power supply service.

Adhere to the service concept of "You use electricity, I use your heart", and make full use of online and offline service channels such as business halls, "Internet State Grid", and 95598 hotline.

Strictly implement the "first inquiries, responsible for the outside world" to ensure timely response to customer requests and time limit processing.

Improve online service functions, simplify operations, and improve service efficiency.

——Strengthen the emergency management mechanism.

Strictly implement power supply guarantee responsibilities, improve various emergency plans, strengthen emergency duty for grid operation, enrich emergency repair teams, and prepare materials and equipment.

Carry forward the spirit of the iron army of the power grid and respond to calls to ensure safe and reliable electricity use.