The Belgian minister apparently accidentally released information on the prices the EU has promised to pay for coroner vaccines from various manufacturers, according to the New York Times.

The European Commission has tried to keep prices secret.

In her tweet, which was subsequently deleted, Belgian Budget Minister Eva de Bleeker said, among other things, that the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine would cost € 12 per dose.

The price of the modern vaccine will be $ 18 (€ 14.68).

The official list prices reported by the manufacturers are clearly higher.

The Commission has negotiated the procurement of vaccines on behalf of the 27 EU countries and announced that it will be sufficient for residents throughout the Union.

The Commission spokesman did not confirm the prices published by Mr de Bleeker, but did not dispute the information.

A spokesman for De Bleeker said the minister had tweeted the details to end the political controversy.

The opposition has suspected that the government has not set aside sufficient funds to procure vaccines.

- We tried to be open, but we seem to be a little too open, said spokesman Bavo de Mol, according to the magazine.

Quick decision making

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is considering the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine and is expected to give its approval at a meeting on Monday.

The marketing authorization is expected from the Commission on the same day, and EU countries will be able to start giving the vaccine immediately after Christmas, on Sunday 27 December.

The marketing authorization for a modern vaccine in the EU is due to be discussed on 6 January.

In the United States, it has received support from an expert panel of the FDA, the U.S. Federal Agency for Pharmacovigilance.

The approval of the vaccine will be decided by the FDA, whose decision is expected during Friday.

The opinion of the panel of experts is not yet a decision binding on the FDA, but the agency usually makes its decision accordingly.

The FDA has also already approved Pfizer and Biontech's coronary vaccine, and its use has already begun.

The European Medicines Agency has come under pressure, especially since Britain and the United States received the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine on a short-term basis.

The EMA has also accelerated the decision on the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine for next week, when its fate was originally scheduled to be decided only in late December.