Ludwigshafen (dpa / lrs) - 179 km / h instead of 90: A motorcyclist sped almost twice as fast as allowed on Thursday on the 650 motorway near Ruchheim (Ludwigshafen am Rhein).

The 23-year-old was noticed by a civil patrol with a video measuring device, said the motorway police on Thursday evening.

The man expected a fine of 1200 euros and a three-month driving ban.

On Wednesday, the police had measured a driver on the A650 at an even higher speed: The 38-year-old was reportedly traveling at 187 kilometers per hour.

The twelve-kilometer A650 is a commuter motorway that connects the Weinstrasse region with the Ludwigshafen / Mannheim conurbation.

Again and again, speeders are flashed there at significantly excessive speeds.

According to the measurement results this week, the route will be checked particularly frequently in the future, said the motorway police.


Notification from the police 17.12.

Notification from the police 16.12.