The Ministry of the Interior has announced, again on Friday, the approach of another six prisoners of the terrorist organization ETA to prisons around the Basque Country.

On this occasion, it is about the former ETA leader,

Félix Alberto López from La Calle Gauna



, who will leave the Teixeiro prison in A Coruña to enter the Asturias Penitentiary Center.


was in charge of taking the reins of ETA after



in Bidart, becoming the head of the terrorist structure.

Before that, he participated in numerous attacks, including the murder of three civil guards in a cycling event on October 4, 1980 in Salvatierra (Álava).

It will not be the only approach.

Manex Zubiaga Bravo

, who was part of

the Madrid command

, will travel from the Valencia Penitentiary Center to the Burgos Penitentiary Center.

He entered prison on October 14, 2009 and is serving a 40-year sentence for the crimes of depositing weapons and ammunition, attempted murder, ravages and fires.

More than 120 beneficiaries

Gotzon Aramburu Sudupe

will also be transferred

. He was arrested in Madrid in 2002 after an intense shootout with civil guards at a checkpoint.

He was hurt.

As a result of the shots fired by ETA members who tried to evade a checkpoint on the A-6, in the municipality of Collado Villalba,

Antonio Molina

was assassinated


The ETA member will move from Alicante II to Dueñas prison in Palencia.

Luis Mariñelarena Garciandia

will be transferred from the Teixeiro Penitentiary Center, in A Coruña, to the Dueñas Penitentiary Center, in Palencia.

Among other crimes, he is convicted of the murder in 2000 of the socialist

Fernando Buesa

and his bodyguard,

Jorge Díez


Juan Manuel Inciarte Gallardo

will travel from the Salamanca prison of Topas to the El Dueso Penitentiary Center, in Cantabria.

He participated in at least six murders during the 1980s.

In these five cases, in addition, Interior has agreed to advance them to second grade.

In addition, the General Secretary of Penitentiary Institutions has resolved, for reasons covered by the Data Protection Law, that the enforcement center of

José Javier Arizcuren Ruiz

is the Penitentiary Center of Pamplona.

With these latest decisions, more than 120 ETA prisoners have benefited from the decisions of the Ministry of the Interior.

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