Price comparison service A consumer survey carried out by the Price Guide mapped Finns' Christmas gift purchases.

According to the study, Finns' Christmas gift budgets are moderate this year, and even every third person plans to buy some Christmas gifts only after Christmas.

Almost half of Finns plan to favor Finnish shops, products and services in Christmas shopping.

As a hit gift, the Price Guide predicts game consoles, sports watches and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The most common amount spent on Christmas presents is € 50-100 and the second most common is € 101-200.

About one-fifth of Finns belong to both categories.

9 percent of survey respondents plan not to buy gifts altogether.

The most common time for a third of respondents to buy gifts is in early December.

That is the most popular time for research.

Nearly as many, 32 percent, procure Christmas presents well in advance, one to two months before eve morning.

- 29% of respondents plan to buy all or part of Christmas presents from discounted sales only after Christmas.

There is certainly a desire in the background to make purchases at a lower price.

Last year, the most popular shopping day in December was 15 December in the Price Guide, says Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, Country Director of the Price Guide, in a press release.

Post-Christmas discount sales traditionally start right on December 25th.

However, the average discount rate, for example, remains modest on the day of slaughter, as it does not reach the level of Black Friday, for example, according to Matinvesi-Basset.

Due to the prevailing interest rate crisis, almost half of the survey respondents, 43 percent, want to favor domestic shops, products or services.

5 percent are not going to favor the domestic and 34 percent are buying from where to get the cheapest.

The price guide predicts games and game consoles, sports watches and robotic vacuum cleaners as the most popular product categories this Christmas.

Of the individual products, great popularity is projected, especially for the Apple iPhone 11, Apple AirPods Pro headphones and the Polar Ignite sports watch.

Price guide forecast for the most popular product categories for Christmas 2020

  • Games & Game Consoles

  • Heart rate monitors & sports watches

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners

  • Price guide forecast for the most popular electronics products for Christmas 2020

  • Apple iPhone 11

  • Apple AirPods Pro headphones

  • Polar Ignite sports watch

  • Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB game console

  • JBL Charge 4 portable speaker

  • Nintendo Switch game console

  • Polar Grit X sports watch

  • iRobot Roomba S9 Plus robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • The price guide calls itself an impartial price comparison service.

    Its service covers all Online Stores, including those that are not its customers.

    The order is determined by the price.

    Usually, price comparison services make a profit either by raising money from companies or by advertising revenue.

    A survey of the price guide was conducted in early November.

    It was answered by 1,000 people aged 18–75 and the sample was quota representative.

    A heart rate monitor is a popular and reasonably priced gift. also anticipates Christmas hit gifts at the request of Taloussanomat.

    The online store anticipates that the continued investment in home comfort throughout the corona year will also be reflected in Christmas gifts.

    Thus, among other things, electronic products and kitchen utensils are highlighted in Christmas gift listings.

    Earlier this year, the Online Store reported that electric desks, monitors and bright light bulbs, among others, have been popular products.

    Ecommerce forecast for the most popular product areas for Christmas 2020

  • Games and Game Accessories

  • Toys

  • Vacuum cleaner robots

  • Small machines

  • Kitchen accessories

  • E-commerce forecast for the most popular Christmas gifts for Christmas 2020

  • Airpods Pro

  • Recirculating air cooker (Airfryer)

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Christmas sweets, eg large confectionery boxes

  • Muscle maintenance hammer

  • - Now we buy headphones, gaming machines and products related to all kinds of hi-fi as gifts.

    Be it an interactive Baby Yoda, a Fiskars pan set or a Makeup Mirror with LED lights.

    Lauri Kutila, Communications Manager at, describes by e-mail.

    According to Kutila, many gifts are such that you want to enjoy them immediately, already on the eve of the evening.

    As one of the surprising favorite products, he raises the Relax durability.

    - Christmas holidays are also celebrated in our own homes this year and the gifts are in accordance with it, you have to get pleasure from them already on the eve.

    Even then, wooing yourself with a long time in the sauna!

    At the same time, the Corona Year has raised the popularity of video gaming to record levels, with more and more people wanting to venture into the worlds of gaming in their spare time.

    Kesko is also on the same lines as the previous ones.

    In Citymarket's listing in the budget category of about 30 euros, the favorite Christmas gifts are expected to be the following: a Christmas rose, a champagne-colored sauna ball, Sidoste's fluffy socks, board games and books.

    Kestovihda is expected to find its way to the gantry container.

    In the range of 50–100 euros, hit gifts include Pentik Pastelli Duvet Cover Sets, JBL in-ear headphones and a Swiss Diamond frying pan.

    The budget of over 100 euros also highlights accessories related to the comfort of home: Beurer's Yoga and stretching mat JBL PartyBox On-The-Go bluetooth speaker and Philips HD9260 / 90 Airfryer XL circulating air cooker.

    - We expect the increased home ownership to be visible in the Christmas store and especially in the gifts you choose.

    As hit products, we consider products related to family togetherness, such as board games.

    The importance of living is also reflected in the increased interest in entertainment and home decoration, says Ari Sääksmäki, Director of the K-Citymarket chain.

    - As a single hit product, we hammer a muscle care hammer and products related to cooking.

    Last year the big elves were a great success and we have now invested a lot in them.