Tübingen (dpa / lsw) - The vaccine manufacturer Curevac is allowed to go into mass production of its vaccine at its Tübingen site.

As the Tübingen regional council announced on Friday, the necessary permit has now been granted.

"In the current situation, supporting companies in researching and developing active ingredients against the coronavirus has the greatest priority," said District President Klaus Tappeser.

"We create the reliable legal framework for these companies as quickly as possible while observing the strict procedural rules."

Medicines based on messenger RNA require approval under immission control law.

The biotech company Curevac is looking for a vaccine against corona based on this.

A few days ago, the company received the green light to start its pivotal Phase III clinical trial.

According to a spokesman, Curevac expects the first results of the study to be around 36,000 at the end of the first quarter of 2021. As with Biontech from Mainz, the Curevac vaccine is based on the messenger molecule mRNA, which stimulates the formation of a virus protein in the body.

This triggers an immune response that is supposed to protect people from the virus.

For the planned market launch of the vaccine against Covid-19, in addition to an extension of the manufacturing license, approval by the European Medicines Agency is required.