Norwegian cross-country star Therese Johaug's collaboration with Chinese technology giant Huawei is coming to an end, the company told Norwegian broadcaster NRK on Thursday.

Johaug’s cooperation with Huawei has raised criticism, as the Washington Post recently reported that Huawei is developing a minority group of Uighur identification technology for the Chinese administration.

Huawei denies this.

- Huawei regrets that it has decided to remove Therese Johaug from the cooperation agreement.

The intention is to let him focus all his energy on his main goal, which is to remain the best skier in the world, Huawei informed NRK.

Johaug's manager Jörn Ernst told NRK that he appreciated the company's decision.

- We very much appreciate Huawei's responsible release of Therese from the contract so that he can focus on sports to the fullest.