Marco Kroon has again been sentenced to community service on appeal for handing out a headbutt.

The court in Arnhem finds it proven that the man deliberately injured an officer who was involved in his arrest during carnival last year in Den Bosch.

The soldier was peeing against a fence that night when officers approached him.

When Kroon turned slightly towards her, the officer had a view of his genitals.

Unlike the court, the court acquits Kroon of violation, but finds insulting the agent proven.

During his arrest some time later, he headbutted another officer.

Kroon says he cannot remember the headbutt, his psychologist stated during an earlier session that he suffers from PTSD.

During his arrest, Kroon may have experienced a reliving of traumatic events in Kabul in Afghanistan, according to his therapist Jan Ambaum.

The soldier previously explained to the court that he was weighed down by his conviction for a sex offense, which is basically a violation.

"A sexual offense is the lowest there is in military circles," said Kroon.

In addition to the community service for the headbutt, Kroon is fined 120 euros for urinating in public.