17 December 2020Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich star winner of the Champions League, has been named player of 2020 by FIFA. The award ceremony in Zurich is a consolation for the European top scorer, who could not even hope to win this year the Ballon d'Or, as France Football has decided not to award the award for 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A nice revenge against the other two candidates, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have been awarded the Ballon d'Or several times.

The 17 year old Mattia Agnese wins the Fair play award

The young Italian Mattia Agnese, 17, won the Fifa Fair Play Award.

The boy player of the Ligurian team of Ospedaletti saved the life of an opponent who fell unconscious after a game contrast.

Mattia Agnese, player born in 2003 of the Ligurian amateur club dell'Ospedaletti, connected via skype with his whole family, ideally received the award from the hands of the champion Ruud Gullit who bluntly said: "Mattia you are the my hero, our hero ".

Last January the young man saved the life of an opponent of the Cairese, intervening promptly after an illness following a game clash.

"I saw that he was not breathing, I immediately put him in a safe position and I pulled out his tongue to prevent him from suffocating", these were the words of that day, which made the rounds of all the national media.

Mattia recalled what happened also during the awards ceremony, adding: "For me it was an instinctive gesture, I don't feel like a hero but just a boy who did the right thing".

With this simplicity Mattia Agnese enters the Hall of Fame of World football.

Bronze best player

Lucy Bronze is the best player in the 2020 world. The Englishman of Manchester City, but protagonist last season in Lyon, European and French champions, was preferred to the Danish Pernille Harder, top scorer of the last Bundesliga where he dragged Wolfsburg to the title, and former Lyon teammate Wendie Renard.