ENCE has commented sparingly on the media milling of its Counter-Strike team, which began late Monday night.

A comment shared on Twitter on Wednesday night said ENCE was assessing the situation within the organization.

In a statement, representatives of the organization said they would take responsibility for the situation because they had not understood the seriousness of the problems.

ENCE’s brief comment has angered many of the organization’s Followers, who thought the statement should have been published no later than Tuesday.

The fuss began on Monday when Aleksi “allu” Jalli visited a podcast live on HLTV.

In the middle of the program, Jere “Sergej” Salo, who had just moved to the exchange bench at ENCE due to military service, tweeted his opinion on Jalli’s comments.

According to Salo, not all of Jalli's message should be believed in that.

The 18-year-old Salon said Jalli is not as simple and harmless a person as you might think.

- There is a reason why he is the only remaining player in the original line-up, Salo said, but immediately said in a second tweet that he did not intend to comment on it further.

ENCE’s current and former players react to the tweet one way or another.

The most attention has been given to ENCE's current game manager Miikka "suNny" Kemp's Tweets, in which he said Jalli had left some things unsaid and wondered about the use of his longtime friend, even though "they were teammates for the last 1.5 years and close friends for five."

That sentence was written in a bygone era.

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ENCE has not answered the questions sent by Ilta-Sanomat on Tuesday regarding the uproar.

Virolainen, Kemppi, Salo, Laasanen and Jussila have not wanted to comment on the matter to IS either.

Jalli said on the night between Monday and Tuesday that he was confused about the whole situation.

He told IS in an interview he answered questions about the team honestly and openly from his own perspective, but cannot comment on things on behalf of others.

- Frankly, I'm very confused situation, and I do not exactly know what it is about.

I think that the problem situations that have been known to me and have been raised within the team have been reviewed and dealt with.

Apparently I was wrong.

However, I don’t understand this output on Twitter, Jalli commented to IS a couple of hours after what happened.

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