Covid-19 in France: where do we get infected?

A screening center in Nantes in the west of France.


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This is a question whose answer is still unknown: where do we contract Covid-19?

A study published by the Institut Pasteur suggests a few avenues.

And two lessons can be drawn from this survey which concerned 25,000 French people.


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First of all, it is at home that we contaminate ourselves the most, and especially during meals.

These moments play a central role in these contaminations, whether with family or friends.

The proximity and absence of wearing a mask during lunches or dinners explain this phenomenon.

Another lesson: going to restaurants, bars or even nightclubs increases the risk of being infected.

Indeed, social distancing and barrier gestures are little respected, if at all.


this study has some limitations


It was carried out over the October-November period, that is to say during the curfew and then the confinement when the establishments were partially or completely closed and therefore the French were logically at their home.

It therefore appears normal that the contaminations take place in a private circle.

This study will be continued in the coming months to refine these initial elements and to learn more about the transmission of the virus in other places, such as places of culture.

For the virus to spread, close and prolonged contact is needed

Jérôme Marty, general practitioner


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