The copyright organizations Kopiosto and Teosto disagree with Ficom, the Confederation of Finnish Telecommunications and Information Technology, on the continued visibility of foreign television channels in Finland.

Ficom states in its press release that Kopiosto and Teosto have terminated the agreement on the distribution terms of several foreign television channels.

The agreement covers several Swedish, Estonian, German and French-language channels, the distribution of which on cable and IPTV networks threatens to be suspended at the turn of the year.

According to Kopiosto's press release, copyright organizations represent the authors of TV programs, so their aim is not to prevent the distribution of channels.

- On the contrary, the distribution of channels is also in the interest of the authors we represent, as long as the authors receive the copyright compensation due to them for the use of their works, the press release says.

According to Ficom, the operators distributing the channels have been working with the collecting societies in the autumn in accordance with the Collective Management Act.

- Unfortunately, Kopiosto and Teosto have nevertheless terminated the agreement and refused further negotiations, and according to them it is not possible to continue the distribution of channels without a valid agreement, Ficom's CEO Elina Ussa states in the press release.

Kopiosto says that it has already negotiated new agreements

According to Elina Ussa, more than half of Finns receive TV broadcasts on the cable or IPTV network, and the current situation is difficult, especially for language minorities.

Kopiosto, for its part, points out in its press release that Kopiosto and Teosto have the opportunity to obtain the necessary copyright licenses for the distribution of foreign TV channels.

- We offer all distributors operating in Finland a copyright license for the distribution of foreign TV channels in various networks.

Kopiosto acts as the main negotiator on behalf of copyright organizations.

The pricing criteria for operators in different distribution networks are the same.

By 2021, agreements have already been made with operators operating in different parts of Finland, the press release says.