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House in debate on vaccination strategy

The Lower House will debate the vaccine strategy on Thursday evening.

Various political groups have expressed their dissatisfaction with the start of the vaccination campaign, because neighboring countries have already started vaccinating in the last week of December.

The debate started at 8.30 pm and adjourned at 9.30 pm.

Debates continue at 22.10.

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debate on vaccination strategy

Frank Wassenberg (PvdD), Rob Jetten (D66) and independent Member of Parliament Femke Merel Van Kooten-Arissen are the last speakers for the time being.

Wassenberg, like several other MPs, wants to know why the cabinet has set a date on which vaccination can start, but it cannot be met.

De Jonge previously labeled January 4 as the day on which the first Dutchman could be vaccinated, "if everything goes well". 

Wassenberg criticizes the cabinet's corona policy, which he says shows "little direction and direction", although plans would already have been set up in March.

D66 leader Rob Jetten also wants to know whether earlier months could have been better filled.

For example, Jetten wonders whether De Jonge could not already find out during conversations with Pfizer that the vaccine should be stored at -70.

This appears to be one of the most important logistical problems at the moment, while according to Jetten the cooling could already have been arranged.

Jetten also hopes that all ministers will be vaccinated publicly as soon as the Pfizer vaccine can be used on a large scale.

The D66 leader states that he himself will certainly be vaccinated, "and I hope that other politicians also set a good example."

Van Kooten-Arissen closes the first part of this debate and returns to the ICT problems at the GGDs.

The independent MP agrees with previous speakers and states that operational matters could have been arranged much earlier.

Chamber president Arib adjourns the debate until 10:10 pm.

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Parliamentary debate on vaccination strategy

Although many critical points are made, SGP leader Cees van der Staaij says it is positive that politicians do not doubt that Minister De Jonge is in a hurry.

The SGP leader praises the cabinet's intention to proceed carefully, but emphasizes that "no one wants vaccinations to be unnecessarily slow".

Van der Staaij also wants to know why other European countries can switch more quickly to a vaccination strategy.

"The question why it is possible there, and we cannot start this year, must be answered. It is important that this is clearly explained."

Independent Member of Parliament Henk Krol adds a few more critical notes.

"We were too late with testing, test locations, getting protective equipment in order and now we are also the last ones to vaccinate. Operational matters could have been better organized, the need to realize call centers had been known for six months."

FvD member Van Haga also expresses strong criticism.

"Is De Jonge the right man for this post?", Said Van Haga, who also points to a previously submitted vote of no confidence against the cabinet from the Forum for Democracy.

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Parliamentary debate on vaccination

strategy THINK leader Azarkan and CDA party chairman Pieter Heerma

discuss the

willingness to vaccinate in the Netherlands in their speaking time.

Azarkan calls on the cabinet not to impose a direct or indirect vaccination requirement.

The THINK leader does not want residents' options to be determined by their readiness to vaccinate during "the most serious post-war crisis."

De Jonge has repeatedly emphasized that there will be no mandatory vaccination.

Heerma states that the vaccination strategy can only be successful if there is great willingness to vaccinate.

The CDA politician, like several other MPs, wants to know why the Netherlands is starting almost two weeks later than a country like Germany.

Heerma repeats previous questions and wants to know whether neighboring countries are taking unnecessary risks, or simply have things in order.

"It is understandable that impatience is growing, but it must be safe and responsible. Otherwise you risk wasting the confidence of the population."

PVV leader Wilders wants to know from Heerma why he does not criticize the relatively few call centers that are ready.

Heerma, as CDA party leader part of the coalition, calls the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine "the most complex of all vaccines".

The politician claims to have put questions to the cabinet, including about the period between December 24 - the date when the Pfizer vaccine is likely to enter the European market - and January 4, the date on which the Ministry of Health sent out the first vaccination invitations.

"I want to await those answers."

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Belgian State Secretary accidentally shares secret prices for corona vaccines

The Belgian State Secretary Eva De Bleeker (Budget) accidentally published a list on Twitter on Thursday that may contain the prices that the EU pays for the various corona vaccines, VRT reports.

The prices were kept secret by the European Commission and pharmaceutical companies.

De Bleeker's table shows that the prices for the different vaccines vary considerably.

For example, a dose of the British AstraZeneca costs 1.78 euros, while a Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine costs 12 euros.

The latter vaccine requires two injections, which would bring the total cost to 24 euros per person.

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debate on vaccination

strategy The House is particularly critical of the fact that the Netherlands will only have 3 operational vaccination centers on 11 January, while that should be 25 one week later.

Many more locations are said to be available in surrounding countries.

Léonie Sazias of 50PLUS also states, on the basis of discussions with experts, that the Netherlands started setting up vaccination sites much too late. 

Sazias wants to start the vaccination program "anyway" this year.

The 50PLUS politician also wants an explanation from De Jonge about the amount of vaccines that the Netherlands can expect.

"Deliveries had already been announced. Then it must be clear how many vaccines we can expect."

Klaas Dijkhoff of the VVD also wonders whether earlier injection is still possible.

According to the VVD party chairman, an earlier start, even if it concerns a small group, would be of enormous value.

"It's a signal."

Co-worker Gert-Jan Seegers on behalf of the ChristenUnie points to the responsibility of the cabinet to achieve a "clear" vaccine strategy that can be trusted by residents.

"How is this tested?"

Seegers calls the vaccine strategy "cumbersome".

According to him, all administrative processes, such as adjusting the medical guideline and updating IT systems and call scripts, are slowing down. 

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Parliamentary debate on vaccination

strategy Lilian Marijnissen on behalf of the SP states that "a crisis plan with a central approach" is not present.

Marijnissen also repeats the message of her predecessors, namely that Minister Hugo de Jonge would not have his affairs in order.

The SP leader wants to know why the vulnerable groups, but the personnel who care for them, are the first to be vaccinated.

"They choose to do so in neighboring countries. Doesn't that seem the most effective?"

According to Marijnissen, the change could be a result of the policy. 

Marijnissen also points to the first corona wave in March and April.

Then it should have become known that the GGDs use various systems, the SP leader continues.

"What has happened since then to improve their systems?"

GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver also wonders.

He also wants to know from De Jonge when he has given the order to improve systems at the GGDs.

Klaver says he is concerned about the situation in the Netherlands, and fears that the vaccine strategy is not ready.

"Why does that seem so in Germany, and not here?", Klaver said.

The GroenLinks leader states that GGDs only started setting up vaccination sites on 7 December.

Klaver asks De Jonge if this is really the case, and wants an explanation of the timeline of decisions that have been made since then.

"Why was it said so early: everything is ready for vaccination? On the basis of what information did you say that?", Klaver concludes.

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debate on vaccination

strategy PVV leader Geert Wilders was the first to speak.

He quotes an earlier quote from Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge: "If vaccines are delivered soon, everything will be ready. We can start immediately".

Wilders calls it an "embarrassment" that internal computer systems at the GGDs are not yet in order, as the 


reported on Thursday morning, and therefore the vaccination strategy can only really start at the beginning of January.

Wilders states that every week that vaccinations are postponed contributes to extending the lockdown.

"As a result, the Dutch have to stay at home longer and shops stay closed longer", Wilders concludes. 

PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher questions De Jonge's reasoning that the Netherlands will start later, in order to guarantee due care.

"Are countries such as Germany, France and Poland less careful than the Netherlands?" Asks Asscher.

The PvdA leader suspects that the Netherlands will start the vaccination strategy later, because certain things are not in order.

"We are behind schedule."

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French president most likely infected at European summit

French president Macron most likely contracted the corona virus at the European summit in Brussels last week.

His office says that.

Earlier Thursday it was announced that Macron has tested positive.

Several European leaders who were also at the summit last week and leaders who met the president earlier this week immediately went into self-isolation as a precaution.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that he would not be quarantined because he complied with the corona measures and has no complaints.

That is why he sees no reason to take a test.

Macron's wife is not infected, a test showed.

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In mid-January, the Netherlands will have 25 vaccination locations,

GGDs will start vaccinating residents on a "small-scale" way on 8 January, according to the RIVM.

The health institute does not want to say who will be vaccinated in the first days.

On 11 January, the GGDs will have three operational locations in the country where the Dutch can be vaccinated.

It is not yet known where the vaccination offices will be located.

Within one week, 25 operational locations must then be set up.

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Number of new positive tests in France continues to rise

France reports more than 18,000 new positive corona

tests on


This is again higher than the previous day, when the largest number was registered in almost one month (17,615).

The country eased the lockdown in the country on Tuesday.

There is again a curfew, while residents were only allowed to leave the house with a certain government document.

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Moderna vaccine is also assessed earlier by European medicine agency.

The vaccine that Moderna is developing, like the Pfizer vaccine, is being assessed earlier than expected by the European medicine agency (EMA).

The vaccine is expected to be approved or rejected on January 6, the EMA reports Thursday.

The European Union has previously signed a contract with Moderna.

The vaccine developer will


80 million doses

and there is an opportunity for the EU to purchase an additional 80 million doses.

The Netherlands receives 3.89 percent of all vaccines.

That means that the Netherlands will receive more than three million doses of the Moderna vaccine.

A vaccination consists of two doses.

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First vaccination in the Netherlands on January 8 if Pfizer vaccine is approved

On January 8, the first Dutch people will be


against COVID-19

, if the European medicine agency EMA approves the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech on Monday.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will inform the Lower House of this on Thursday.

This means that the Netherlands is definitely deviating from the course of the European Union.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen reported earlier this Thursday that EU member states can start the vaccination process on December 27, 28 or 29.

She hopes that all countries will start at the same time.

"We protect our citizens together," said von der Leyen.

De Jonge writes that on January 4, the date on which he initially wanted to start the vaccination process, the first invitations will be sent to employees of nursing homes, the disabled care, the district nurses and people who make use of the Social Support Act (Wmo).

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Swedish king thinks corona approach has "failed"

Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf believes his country has failed in the fight against the corona virus.

"We have died a lot and that is terrible," said the Swedish king in an interview on the Swedish TV channel



The king said he was especially sorry for the families who had not had the opportunity to say goodbye to their deceased relatives.

"I find it a difficult and traumatic experience not to be able to say goodbye warmly," said the 74-year-old monarch.

In Sweden, more than 7,800 people have now died from the corona virus.

About 75 percent of them were over 70 years old.

Until recently, the country had less strict corona measures than in other countries, for example, the catering industry has remained open and there is no obligation to mask.

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Self-employed persons are given longer time to repay

the corona loan Self-employed persons who make use of the Temporary bridging scheme for self-employed persons (Tozo) do not have to repay this loan until

next summer


Previously, that date was on 1 January, but State Secretary Bas van 't Wout of Social Affairs and Employment has today informed the Lower House that that date has been canceled.

According to the ministry, many self-employed persons are not yet able to repay the loan for working capital.

That is why the repayment date has been moved by six months to July 1, 2021. The postponement applies to all Tozo loans, regardless of when they were issued.

The interest is also suspended until the new repayment date.

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For those who receive a pay slip in January, it looks a little better.

In line with tradition, the government will give an impression of what January's

pay slip will

look like

in December


That is better across the board, but there is a serious comment this year.

"The major consequences of the corona crisis are not clearly visible in the figures", Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) writes in an explanation to the Lower House.

"Employees will only see a pay slip in January if they can keep their job. The serious consequences of the corona outbreak on the labor market are also not clearly visible in the purchasing power figures, "says Koolmees.

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Pfizer vaccine approval could yield


Netherlands small batch of vaccines as early as this year.

If Pfizer's corona


is approved on Monday, the pharmaceutical company will have a

small stock available

for the Netherlands

before the end of the year

, a spokesman for the group said this afternoon.

It would be ten thousand doses.

With that stock, about five thousand inhabitants can be vaccinated.

Two doses are required per person.

The Netherlands first wants to vaccinate employees of nursing homes and institutions for people with intellectual disabilities.

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Amsterdam's cautious plans for small spring festivals

Amsterdam hopes to be able to hold small festivals and events again in the spring, where visitors can be tested for corona through a rapid test.

First, it concerns small events with up to 500 visitors and then the slightly larger happenings, up to 2000 people.

Mayor Femke Halsema has informed the city council of this.

The major events of more than 2000 visitors are already being moved to the autumn.

This creates space for safe experiments with small festivals, which can be set up quickly and can take place if the national corona measures are complied with.

"That is great for the public and will finally generate income for the hundreds of Amsterdam artists, employees, suppliers and other entrepreneurs who depend on events", says Halsema. 

In February, the mayor will consider for which events preparation can start.

She therefore makes a decision about the celebration of King's Day (April 27), the Remembrance Day on May 4 and Liberation Day on May 5.

"The hope and expectation is that more will be clear about the use of vaccines and rapid tests and the experiments announced by the Prime Minister on December 8."

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Poland in stricter lockdown after Christmas for three weeks

The Polish government has decided on a strict lockdown of three weeks from December 28.

This would help reduce the number of corona infections in the country.

During the lockdown, hotels, shopping centers and ski slopes must be closed.

The country is experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus and Health Minister Adam Niedzielski fears a third wave at the start of next year.

The stricter restrictions do not take effect until after Christmas.

The New Year's celebration is made almost impossible by a curfew from 7 p.m. on New Year's Eve to 6 a.m. on New Year's Day.

Poles returning from abroad by public transport during the lockdown must be quarantined for ten days.

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Macron tests positive: these leaders and politicians preceded him

French president Emmanuel Macron tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday.

He is not the first politician to be infected.

An overview.

Macron tests positive: these leaders and politicians preceded him

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More than 2,000 corona patients in the hospital

There are 2,003 corona patients in the hospital on Thursday, 39 more than a Wednesday, according to figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

The intensive care units now have 536 people with Covid-19, 10 more than 24 hours earlier.

In the past 24 hours, 7 corona patients have been moved to a different region.

The RIVM reports 12,844 new positive corona tests on Thursday.

That is considerably more than the average of the past seven days (9,026).

The daily figures will be higher in the coming days, because compensation will be made for a disruption at the beginning of this week, according to a spokesman for the RIVM.





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Belgium wants to start vaccinating

immediately after Christmas Belgium is entering the first people against the corona virus "immediately after Christmas".

Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Public Health) has announced this.

Then manufacturer Pfizer-BioNTech must keep his word and deliver a first 'symbolic' batch of 10,000 doses next week. 

The European Union already announced on Thursday that it wants to start vaccinating on 27, 28 and 29 December.

EU countries themselves are responsible for their vaccination campaign, Germany, Denmark and France already announced on Wednesday that they hope to be able to vaccinate the first residents before the end of the year.

It is not yet clear whether the Netherlands will also start vaccinating.

The European Commission has purchased six corona vaccines on behalf of the EU Member States.

All countries receive a fixed share of these vaccines, based on the population.

The vaccine from pharmaceuticals Pfizer and BioNTech is expected to be the first to be approved by the European Medicines Agency EMA on Monday.

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voting in the House of Representatives is only possible for people aged 70 and over. Voting by post in the upcoming House of Representatives elections is reserved for people aged 70 and older.

Several parties in the House of Representatives would also like to offer this option to younger people who prefer not to go to the polling station due to the corona virus because of their vulnerable health, but according to Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Internal Affairs), this is neither feasible nor desirable.

According to Ollongren, it is clear that people over 70 run a higher risk of becoming seriously ill from the corona virus.

That group is also easy to demarcate, she says.

"You're 70 or not, that's very clear."

But otherwise, according to the minister, it is "impossible to determine objectively" who else is vulnerable.

"Then you should in principle make it possible for everyone."

There is simply too little time to arrange this, she says.

In addition, postal voting is really "an emergency measure", says Ollongren.

"We do not want the voter turnout to be reduced by the virus. As a result, we accept a little more risk in some areas."

It is the intention that people vote completely freely, independently and without influence.

This can be checked at a polling station, but not when voting by post.

Ollongren believes that under these circumstances "a risk to be accepted", but not on an even larger scale.

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Number of travelers at Schiphol further down in November

The number of travelers that traveled via Schiphol in November fell again, the airport reports Thursday.

More than 900,000 travelers were involved, a decrease of 83 percent compared to the same month last year.

In October, the decrease compared to the same month last year was 82 percent, to 1.14 million travelers.

In September it was 1.3 million travelers, a decrease of 79.4 percent.

In November last year, before the outbreak of the corona crisis, 5.3 million people traveled to, from and via Amsterdam airport.

Of the more than 900,000 travelers at Schiphol in November, 630,000 people traveled within Europe and 270,000 passengers traveled to and from distant destinations.

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Rutte not quarantined after positive test Macron

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will not go into quarantine after French president Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for the corona virus.

Macron and Rutte saw each other last Thursday and Friday at the EU summit in Brussels, but the French president only posed a risk of contamination from Monday evening, a spokesman for General Affairs reports.

Because the corona guidelines have been adhered to and Rutte has no complaints, there is no reason for the prime minister to do a corona test.

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and the President of the European Council Charles Michel have been quarantined as a precaution because they have had contact with Macron after the European summit.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has done a corona test as a precaution, she tested negative.

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Australian malls and streets filled with shoppers on Thursday.

In the country people are preparing for a 'normal' Christmas.

Because few corona infections are registered in the country, the measures have been relaxed.

Australians prepare for 'normal' Christmas: 'we are lucky'

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte wishes President Emmanuel Macron of France well after he has been tested positive for the corona virus.

On behalf of the cabinet, I wished President @EmmanuelMacron a lot of improvement and I hope he will recover from the coronavirus soon and completely.

For France, for his family, and of course for himself.

Good to hear that he can continue his work in quarantine.


Avatar Author Mark Rutte Moment of places 12:00 - 17 December 2020

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Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa is also going into quarantine after contact with French President Emmanuel Macron, who tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday.

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European Commission: Member States start vaccinating on 27, 28 and 29 December

Member states of the European Union will start administering the first coronary vaccine on 27, 28 and 29 December, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Twitter.

EU countries themselves are in charge of their own vaccination campaign, but are keen to cooperate.


It's Europe's moment. On 27, 28 and 29 December vaccination will start across the EU. We protect our citizens together.

We are #StrongerTogether #EUvaccinationdays


Avatar Author Ursula von der Leyen Moment of Places 10:58 - 17 December 2020

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Spanish Prime Minister and others in quarantine after Macron corona infection

French Prime Minister Jean Castex and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez are going to be quarantined because they recently had contact with French President Emmanuel Macron, who tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel has also gone into isolation as a precaution.

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Supermarkets in The Hague may stay open longer around Christmas and New Year

In order to better distribute the number of customers, supermarkets in The Hague may stay open longer around Christmas and New Year, the municipality of The Hague has announced.

The measure comes after the supermarket sector has requested this, according to the municipality.

Supermarkets in The Hague may be open longer in the period around Christmas and New Years.

The Board announced this today.

More info: @Sbruines


Avatar Author Newsroom The Hague Moment of places 10: 22 - 17 December 2020

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ING: Hundreds of catering companies will be


in 2021

Five to six hundred catering companies will go bankrupt next year, the ING Economics Department predicts.

The lockdown measures and the continued need to draw on the reserves ensure that these companies can no longer keep their heads above water.

Hotels and cafés in particular remain in trouble for a long time, according to the bank.

It is expected that companies in the hospitality industry will suffer an average loss of 40 percent in turnover this year.

"2021 is also getting off to a rough start. However, this picture could quickly turn around thanks to the advent of vaccines," the bank writes in an explanation. 

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FIOD suspects fraud with corona scheme, more than three tons seized.

The FIOD searched five locations in Amsterdam and Zaanstad on Wednesday, because it is suspected that fraud was committed with the Allowance for Fixed Charges (TVL).

This allows SME entrepreneurs who lose turnover due to corona measures to apply for a subsidy. 

Several suspects are on the screen.

"They have probably submitted applications for a TVL subsidy in an organized context. In doing so, they made use of companies and the identity of third parties", according to the FIOD.

In addition, the group would also have ordered products worth tens of thousands of euros, which they did not pay after delivery.

No one has been arrested yet.

The searches confiscated 340,000 euros in cash, a large amount of jewelery and business administration.

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French President Macron tests positive for the corona virus

French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for the corona virus.

According to authorities, he received his test result on Thursday after he had been tested for symptoms.

The 42-year-old Macron immediately went into isolation.

He will certainly do his work from home for the next seven days.

His planned trips, including one to Lebanon, are canceled.

According to a spokesman, it is not clear how Macron became infected.

That is still being investigated.

The contact investigation is also still in full swing.

Prime Minister Jean Castex is in isolation because of recent contact with Macron as a precaution.




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Prime Minister Mark Rutte, together with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Prime Minister Armin Laschet of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is calling on the residents of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to only cross the border for essential journeys.


Together with my colleagues @alexanderdecroo from Belgium and @ArminLaschet from Germany, I appeal to you: restez chez soi, bleib zuhause, stay at home.

Really only cross the border for essential travel.


Avatar Author Mark Rutte Moment of places 09:00 - 17 December 2020

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Saudi Arabia starts to vaccinate against COVID-19

Saudi Arabia has started vaccinating citizens against COVID-19.

Images from local media show that a man and a woman are being vaccinated.

The country received two shipments of the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech on Wednesday.

The drug was approved by Saudi Arabia last week.

People can register for a vaccination via an app.

Within 24 hours there were already 150,000 registrations.

In Saudi Arabia there are three stages of vaccination.

During the first phase, people in poor health and people aged 65 or over are vaccinated.

In the second phase, people over 50 receive the vaccine.

The rest of the population is vaccinated in the final phase.

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Increasing pressure

on hospitals in Tokyo

Due to the influx of corona patients, hospitals in the Japanese capital Tokyo are becoming increasingly busy.

The local authorities call the situation serious.

From now on, the highest level of alertness applies in Tokyo. 

"Medical providers have exhausted all additional resources," said Masataka Inokuchi, vice president of the Tokyo Medical Association.

According to him, Tokyo has no other option than to reduce the number of corona patients in the hospitals. 

Tokyo today reports 822 new positive corona tests.

That is a new day record for the metropolis.

The previous record, from yesterday, was 678 new cases.




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Almost as many new positive tests in Germany

One day after Germany reported a doubling of the number of newly diagnosed corona infections and nearly a thousand new deaths, the number of new positive tests has remained stable and the number of deaths slightly smaller.

The Robert Koch-Institut, the German equivalent of the RIVM, has registered 26,923 new infections in the last 24 hours.

27,728 new cases were reported on Wednesday and 14,432 on Tuesday.

With the most recently established infections, the total number of confirmed infections in Germany will exceed 1.4 million on Thursday.

Another 698 people have died in Germany in the past 24 hours from the effects of the corona virus.

This means that at least 24,125 people have died in the country so far as a result of the corona pandemic.

11 hours ago

US reports record number of infections and deaths

The United States again report a record number of infections and corona

deaths on


In the past 24 hours, 250,000 new positive tests were identified and 3,700 deaths were reported.

In total, nearly 17 million people in the country have been infected and another 300,000 people have died from the effects of the virus.

This week the US started vaccinating the first patients against the virus.

About 100 million Americans should have been vaccinated by the end of March.

For many people, vaccinations may come too late.

President-to-be Joe Biden and head of the US Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield warned early this month that an additional 200,000 people in the US could die by February if regulations and measures are not more closely enforced.

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New Zealand wants vaccinations for all residents by the middle of next year

New Zealand wants to make free corona vaccines available to the entire population from mid-2021.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that on Thursday.

The government is said to have secured enough vaccination doses for all five million residents.

With new deals entered into by the country, New Zealand can receive 7.6 million doses of AstraZeneca and 10.72 doses of Novavax.

Both vaccines need to be administered twice to work properly.

Due to the high demand for corona vaccines, precise delivery dates cannot yet be given.

It is the largest vaccination program in the history of the country, according to Ardern.

People with certain professions, for example border guards, can be vaccinated about three months earlier.

13 hours ago

Belgian border municipality: Border remains open, compliance with the rules is mandatory

Mayor Gaston Van Tichelt of the Belgian border municipality of Essen asks Dutch people who come to shop to strictly adhere to the corona rules.

"Anyone who does not respect the rules risks a fine," said Van Tichelt in a statement.

The municipality points out that Essen is "a kind of peninsula" in the Netherlands with only one Belgian neighboring municipality and four Dutch neighbors: the West Brabant municipalities of Woensdrecht, Roosendaal, Rucphen and Zundert.

Now that non-essential stores in the Netherlands have to close for at least five weeks due to the large number of corona infections, Essen is anticipating a large influx from the Netherlands.

"If too many people cross the border from the north, this can lead to crowds and queues at the shops," said Van Tichelt.

The mayor says that the border will remain open, but that every visitor to Essen must comply with the corona rules.

This includes wearing a mouth mask in the shopping zone of Essen.

People are also allowed to stay in a store for a maximum of half an hour.

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Germany wants to start vaccinating

on December 27 Germany wants to start vaccinating the population against the corona virus on December 27.

After admission of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine, elderly people in homes are the first group to be punctured, the authorities report.

The date was set after consultation between the German Health Minister and the sixteen states.


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The most important corona news of Wednesday December 16


  • On Wednesday, the RIVM reported

    11,214 positive corona tests

    , considerably more than the average of the past seven days (8,365).

    This is partly because the figures for Monday and Tuesday were incomplete due to a malfunction at the GGDs.

  • The cabinet has



    rules for shops

    after several budget chains had decided to open the shops partly on Wednesday.

    Stores are now only allowed to remain open if at least 70 percent of sales are generated from essential products such as food, cleaning products and personal care.

    The limit was previously at 30 percent. 

  • The

    Roman Catholic churches


    not hold public celebrations

    on Christmas Eve this year

    , the Dutch Bishops' Conference decided on Wednesday.

  • Secondary school students will be allowed to


    the coming

    central exams

    more widely and will be given the option of an extra resit, Minister Arie Slob (Education) announced on Wednesday.

  • The

    shopping streets in the Netherlands

    were about twice as busy as the week before, just after the leaked news about the lockdown.

    It was even the busiest Monday of the year, retail consultancy RMC reports Wednesday based on its own measurements.


  • Denmark

    will go into a complete lockdown at Christmas to prevent a further spread of the corona virus. 

  • France

    reported 17,615 positive corona tests on Wednesday, the largest number observed in 24 hours since November 21. 

  • In


    , the corona measures were tightened again on Wednesday.

    This is necessary to quell the rapidly increasing number of new infections, according to the government.

  • The British authorities vaccinated 137,897 people against COVID-19 in a few days.

    It's the first dose, they need two to be protected.


    United Kingdom

    had a world first when the British regulator approved the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech for use through an emergency procedure.

  • Germany

    introduced a strict lockdown on Wednesday due to the many corona infections in the country.

    At the same time, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German equivalent of the RIVM, reports a significant increase in the number of new positive corona tests and a record number of corona-related deaths.

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