Waldmohr (dpa / lrs) - Customs have seized eleven puppies in a van at a rest area near Waldmohr (Kusel district) who were traveling with forged papers.

Later investigations showed that the animals were not yet 15 weeks old, the police said on Thursday.

The driver of the van stated that she would bring the animals from Hungary to a pet shop in Paris.

The woman showed the officers the dogs' pet ID cards.

"It was noticeable, however, that the animals were still very young and the registered vaccinations could not be clarified unequivocally on site," the message said.

Customs then contacted the Rhein-Neckar professional animal rescue service, which confirmed that the animals were too young.

As a result, the puppies would not have received the rabies vaccination required for transport.

The Zweibrücken public prosecutor therefore ordered the dogs to be seized on Tuesday.

An examination by a veterinarian also confirmed the young age of the animals, as it was said.

The dogs were housed in an animal shelter.

The police are investigating, among other things, because of the violation of the Animal Welfare Act.