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She had the right reflex and fortunately came out unscathed… Wednesday afternoon in the Chantenay district of Nantes, a 10-year-old girl called the fire department for a heavy release of smoke in her apartment.

According to the fire and rescue service, the child was able to get out of the home on his own, located on the first floor of a building, while the Christmas tree caught fire.

This fire, extinguished with a hose, caused great damage since the four people of the home will have to be relocated, with the help of municipal services.

It is also an opportunity for firefighters to remind people of the risks associated with Christmas decorations and trees.

“Whether they are plastic or natural, they are a major source of fire, propagating toxic, opaque and highly flammable fumes in a few seconds,” they indicate.

A similar intervention last week

They recommend in particular to "not leave the electric garlands on permanently, especially at night" and to watch out for nearby flames.

Last Thursday, the firefighters had already intervened in the middle of the night for a fir fire, on the sixth floor of a building in the Graslin district in Nantes.


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