Presided over the Executive Council meeting and approved its agenda for 2021

Hamdan bin Mohammed: We learned from Mohammed bin Rashid to draw our future and not wait for it

  • Hamdan bin Mohammed presiding over the meeting of the «Dubai Executive» in the presence of Maktoum bin Mohammed.



His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, appreciated the efforts of government agencies in completing the agenda of the Executive Council and the Council for Strategic Affairs for the year 2020, stressing His Highness on their integral role in embodying the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy The President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, on the necessity of tight preparation for the future, and the importance of policies, initiatives and plans adopted by the Council this year and translated into the emirate’s approach to continuing the development process without stopping in front of challenges, but rather working to transform it into opportunities that push this march towards a better future.

Crown Prince of Dubai:

- "We will harness all resources and capabilities to achieve the Executive Council's agenda 2021, and I will follow up on its implementation."

- “Proud of the exceptional efforts of all government and private agencies in 2020.”

His Highness affirmed that Dubai was able during 2020 to prove its ability to face crises and overcome them with flexible and methodical proactive policies that anticipate the features of the future and innovate solutions to its challenges. It has projects and strategies that reflect our aspirations for the next stage .. I have full confidence in the ability of my work team in the Dubai government and all sectors operating in the emirate to translate these aspirations into a tangible reality and create a better tomorrow and a prosperous future for all. ”

His Highness said: “We are proud of the exceptional efforts of all government and private agencies in 2020, and we are waiting for more in the coming years .. We will harness all resources and capabilities to achieve the Executive Council’s agenda 2021 and will follow up on their implementation .. Our goals are great and require parallel efforts in order to achieve them according to the vision and aspirations of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed. Bin Rashid for the future of comprehensive and sustainable development ».

This came during His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum presiding over the meeting of the Executive Council, in his council’s Al Sheba item, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council.

During the meeting, the Council approved the work agenda of the Executive Council and the Council for Strategic Affairs for the year 2021, which contributes to the implementation and embodiment of the leadership vision aimed at achieving leadership and excellence in all sectors, creating solutions and initiatives to develop services, and seizing opportunities that enhance the competitiveness of the emirate, in pursuit of the objectives that entrench The emirate's leading position, and achieving happiness and well-being of the citizen and society

Topics of the council’s agenda vary to include promising sectors related to the future of government services and the opportunities inherent in creating a digital and circular economy, attracting various investments, supporting small and medium enterprises, enhancing private sector participation, reducing the burden of business and the cost of living, and raising the emirate’s readiness to address crises and prepare for the future in order to enhance competitiveness. The emirate and the sustainability of its path, and affirmation of its determination to develop its entrepreneurial capabilities, to enhance the quality of life and social well-being of its citizens and residents, and to build a diversified and sustainable economy integrated with the global economy.

- The agenda of the "Dubai Executive" included attracting investments and reducing the burden of work and the cost of living.

- Dubai has successfully dealt with the global Corona crisis, and minimized its impact.

The Council reviewed the level of achievement at the level of the agenda of the Executive Council and the Council of Strategic Affairs during the year 2020, which focused in its entirety on government priorities and objectives, and advancing efforts for social and economic development and environmental sustainability in a way that enhances the level of individual happiness and social cohesion in the emirate, and raising its competitiveness.

His Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, stressed, during the meeting, that Dubai's economic performance was characterized by flexibility and adaptation despite the challenges that the whole world witnessed during the year 2020, thanks to Dubai's approach and its ability to keep pace with changes in a manner that ensures achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, regardless of their size.

This came as the Executive Council was informed of the features of economic performance during the year 2020, the most prominent sectors affected, and the effect of government support packages in stimulating sectors and business continuity in light of the current global conditions.

A study prepared by the Department of Economic Development showed that balanced financial policies and flexible dealing with the crisis of the "Covid-19" pandemic in various dimensions contributed to mitigating the consequences of the pandemic on the joints of the economy, as Dubai was able thanks to the flexibility of its economy and its ability to deal efficiently with all variables, To successfully deal with this global crisis, and to minimize its impact.

The Department of Economic Development indicated that the economic incentives pumped by the government contributed to enhancing business continuity, accelerating the pace of economic recovery, advancing economic development in the emirate and maintaining its stability in light of the current developments and challenges, as Dubai has emerged as one of the first cities to put forward proactive economic plans and initiatives. To enhance the effectiveness of dealing with potential challenges, with a focus on providing vital sectors with economic incentives to contain any negative repercussions, confirming its leadership as an attractive destination for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

With the Executive Council reviewing the results of the Cyber ​​Security Index, which was reviewed by the Dubai Cyber ​​Security Center, His Highness, the Chairman of the Council, affirmed that “strengthening the elements of cybersecurity is a fundamental enabler in our digital path”, indicating the importance of having mechanisms that ensure the highest levels of security on the cyberspace, especially in The increasing reliance on modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, which form the basis of life in the future, has increased.

Smart protection

The Dubai Cyber ​​Security Index aims to raise the safety and confidence standards in the quality of the electronic infrastructure that the emirate of Dubai enjoys in general, and to continue to find innovative solutions, and to develop smart protection systems that anticipate security holes in the cyberspace as Dubai launches strongly in the field of smart transformation.

Organ transplant program

The Council approved the organ transplantation program in the emirate, which would establish Dubai as a leading international center for organ transplantation and transplantation operations in accordance with international protocols and the federal law issued in this regard, and within the professional principles and standards applicable globally, and within a framework of objective and transparent regulatory systems and procedures. .

The organization of organ transplantation and transplantation operations will contribute to pushing Dubai's efforts in the field of medical tourism, which will enhance its position on the global map, and it will also entail supporting the emirate’s directions in the field of specialized scientific and medical studies, and employing its capabilities and capabilities to conduct human organ transplantation operations, as Dubai has all the necessary ingredients. For the success of the program, among them are distinguished medical competencies in various specialties, especially those related to the vital organs of the human body.

The Dubai Health Authority stated that the program will have an impact in improving the quality of care, providing innovative quality solutions to increase the chances of improving the lives of patients, increasing their recovery rates and reducing their suffering with disease and treatment, and at the economic level, the provision of all organ transplant services, at the local level It will contribute to achieving economic value and creating new investment flows.

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