The hotel reservation situation looks very weak during the Christmas holiday season.

Although domestic tourism is even higher than last year, it does not make up for the shortage of foreign tourists.

The number of domestic travelers in the normal Christmas season is only a fraction of the number of foreigners, and the increase in the number does not bring the moon out of the sky.

Lapland Hotels and Scandic no longer want to comment on exact occupancy rates, but it is illustrative that some hotels have to be closed when travelers are absent.

In June, for example, Scandic reached an average occupancy rate of only 20%.

However, there is a cautious interest in tourism, says Christian Borg, Scandic's commercial director.

He says that there are two trends to be seen: short-distance tourism and more traditional holidays, which target the ski resorts of Lapland, among others.

Despite local travel, Scandic only keeps some of its hotels open in the largest cities.

- Overall, the slight pick-up in tourism is not enough to keep all hotels open, Borg says.

Borg says reservations for the most popular destinations during the Christmas period have been made well in advance.

Such destinations include, for example, spa destinations.

Instead, in the case of cities, Borg hopes that local tourism would be awakened even later.

- Discount sales in stores may support demand in even larger cities.

- It is hoped that the long saints would encourage people to leave their homes and head to nearby hotels.

Ari Vuorentausta, CEO of Lapland Hotels, also says that the hotels are spacious and some of them are closed.

There are no significant differences between the items.

- The share of Finns is higher than before, but it will not have a significant effect on the whole of December.

The vast majority of Christmas tourists are normally foreign tourists, Vuorentausta says.

He says the biggest tourist spike for the Christmas holidays settles around the New Year.

In urban areas, the situation is more normal than in Lapland hotels.

- There are more of these staycation-type solutions in cities when the holidays are not normally directed.

It can also be seen that when families visit families at Christmas, more accommodation is done in hotels than usual.