Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lby) - Bavarians still exchange millions of D-Marks for euros every year.

In 2020, however, it has been significantly less than last year, as current figures from the Bundesbank show.

From January to November there were a total of 14,945 exchanges in Bavaria.

9,962,504 marks and 96 pfennigs were exchanged for 5,093,747 euros and 90 cents.

In the same period last year it was almost five million marks more.

The exchange of marks for euros also fell significantly across Germany this year.

Obviously, the exchange option was used less often in the current year due to the corona pandemic.

It can hardly have been because the Bavarians and Germans no longer have D-Mark holdings: Overall, the Bundesbank assumes that 12.4 billion Marks have not yet been exchanged.

Surprising finds keep coming back.


Unlike in many other euro countries, the old notes and coins can be exchanged for an unlimited period at the Bundesbank.

The exchange rate is unchanged: You get one euro for 1.95583 Deutschmarks.

Bundesbank on the D-Mark in circulation