The Australian government has announced that it will file a lawsuit against the WTO (World Trade Organization), saying that it is unreasonable for China to add tariffs on Australian barley.

China's backlash is expected, and there are concerns that the relationship will worsen.

In May, the Chinese government began taking steps to add an 80.5% tariff on Australian barley as being unreasonably cheaply imported.

Australia's trade minister, Birmingham, announced at a press conference on the 16th that it would file a lawsuit with the WTO, saying that China's measures were unjustified.

Trade Minister Birmingham said, "We will respond in a calm and orderly manner to protect the interests of our producers," stressing that China's measures are unfounded.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Takamine, said at a press conference on the 3rd of this month, "As a result of conducting an objective, fair and impartial investigation, we have taken corresponding trade remedies." It states.

Regarding the relationship between the two countries, China strongly opposed the fact that the Australian side expressed the idea that an independent investigation on the source of the new coronavirus was necessary in April, and from Australia such as wine and meat products in addition to barley. We are taking measures to restrict the import of the virus.

This is the first time Australia has filed a lawsuit against the WTO against such measures by the Chinese side, and there is concern that the relationship will worsen as China's backlash is expected.