Erfurt (dpa / th) - Sufficient masks are available in Thuringia for the issue of three free corona protective masks according to the FFP2 standard for members of risk groups, which begins on Tuesday.

That said the chairman of the Thuringian Pharmacists Association, Stefan Fink, on request.

"If it can be avoided, not everyone should go to their pharmacy first thing in the morning," asked Fink.

Pharmacies would still be open after the lockdown on Wednesday and those affected had until January 6 to pick up the masks.

Initially, all people over the age of 60 are eligible.

According to the pharmacists' association, there are between 700,000 and 800,000 inhabitants in Thuringia.

In addition, patients with pre-existing conditions such as heart failure or diabetes may prefer to pick up masks.

In the pharmacy, the age must be proven by the identity card.

However, relatives or agents can also pick up the masks with someone else's ID.

If possible, high-risk patients should go to their primary pharmacy because the staff there would be well informed about the customers' medicines.

Everyone else has to make it credible that they belong to a risk group.


Fink pointed out that the masks that were issued did not necessarily have to be printed with FFP2.

"All masks that the pharmacies have ordered meet the quality standards, even if they have names such as N95, P2, DS2 or CPA," he explained.