Eight women beheaded after being raped ... the execution of the Japanese "Twitter serial killer"

The "Totter Killer" was proven to be mentally safe and responsible for the crimes.


In a case that shocked public opinion, a Japanese court sentenced to death a man who killed 8 women and a man after he communicated with them via Twitter, according to news reports.

The BBC said that Takahiro Shirachi, nicknamed "the Twitter killer," was arrested in 2017 after the remains of his victims were found in his apartment.

The man, aged 30 years, confessed to killing and dismembering his victims, whom he met on "Twitter" and were expressing their desire to commit suicide.

And local media reported that more than 400 people had attended the verdict, even though the court had only 16 chairs available to the public.

The suspect was nicknamed "the Twitter thug" because it was revealed during the interrogations that he was looking for his victims through tweets that talked about the desire to commit suicide. Shirachi presented himself as "the executioner" and offered to help, while he himself insisted that in all cases he obtained The consent of his interlocutors, although in most cases it was tacit approval.

And Shirachi had taken advantage of "Twitter" to lure women who had a desire to commit suicide to his home, saying that he could help them die, and in some cases, he was claiming that he would commit suicide with the victim.

Japan's Kyodo News quoted the indictment as saying that Shirachi strangled and dismembered eight women and a man between the ages of 15 and 26 between August and October of 2017.

A Japanese newspaper described the killer's house in Zama, near Tokyo, as a "house of terror" after investigators found 9 severed heads and torn body parts hidden in refrigerators and tool boxes.

The prosecution demanded the death penalty for Shirahi, who had confessed to killing and slaughtering his victims, but the defense lawyer said that the charge of "murder with consent" should be brought against his client, claiming that the victims had given him their consent to kill them.

His lawyers insisted that their client was in a limited state of legal capacity during the murders, but a psychological examination that lasted for five months confirmed the young man's safety.

But the judge who issued the verdict declared, "None of the victims agreed to kill him," noting that the full responsibility rests with the convicted.

As a result, the court sentenced him to death, and the "Twitter serial killer" himself, even before the verdict, announced that he would not appeal.

From August to October, in his apartment, he strangled and dismembered eight girls and a man, ages 15 to 26.

Investigators insisted that all of the victims were women raped before they were killed.

Shirachi himself couldn't even remember the names of the victims, "there were a lot of them."

Japan is one of more than 20 countries in the world in which executions are carried out.

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