Hamburg / Berlin (dpa) - The corona pandemic was rather a hindrance for many people when it came to their good resolutions for 2020.

In a representative survey published on Tuesday on behalf of the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit, a good half (51 percent) of those surveyed stated that it was more difficult to implement projects.

Almost one in five (19 percent) found it easier and for 29 percent the restrictions caused by the pandemic did not affect their stamina.

Less stress, but friendlier to the climate as well as family and friends - those were the top resolutions for 2020. In the coming year, stress reduction will be the top priority for most of the respondents at 65 percent.

64 percent would like more time for family and friends.

63 percent want to be more environmentally conscious.

In fourth place came the resolution to exercise more or to do sports (60 percent).

According to the DAK, this shows the strongest increase of four percentage points compared to the previous year.

53 percent would like to eat healthier.

The desire to lose weight has therefore decreased by two percentage points.

Around 3500 people were interviewed for the study.

However, not everyone had made good resolutions for the current year.

Only 43 percent of those surveyed - the majority between 14 and 29 years of age - remembered having made good resolutions for 2020.

57 percent hadn't planned on anything special.