Civilian Ras al-Khaimah rejected the case

A father claims his children have had a skin infection in a hotel pool

A (Gulf) father filed a lawsuit against a hotel, after his three children suffered irritation, skin inflammation, and swollen eyes, after swimming in the hotel's pool.

The father filed a lawsuit before a civil court in Ras al-Khaimah demanding that the hotel be obligated to pay him adequate compensation for the material and moral damages suffered by him and his family, but the court ruled rejecting the case, and obligated the father to pay the fees and attorney fees.

The verdict was not accepted by the father, so he instituted his appeal demanding that his appeal be accepted in form, and in the matter to cancel the appealed judgment and the judgment, again, for him to compensate for the material and moral damages that he suffered, based on the basis for saying that the judgment made a mistake in applying the law and the failure to cause and corruption in the inference, and a violation Fixed sheets.

He explained that he had booked a villa at the hotel for recreation with his family, and when his children went down to the pool, they suffered redness in their eyes accompanied by severe pain, and after returning home, he was surprised by their skin irritation and swelling of their faces and eyes, so that their features were difficult to distinguish.

He added that after two days their health condition worsened, and he showed them to a doctor in Latifa Hospital, and the medical report stated that the children were exposed to a thick composition of chlorine in the pool, and that his first son had pain in the ear, and his daughter also suffered from swelling of the face, eyelids, swelling of the face, rash and skin inflammation. She was treated with an injection, and his third daughter developed an earache and a rash.

The text of the civil appeals court verdict stated that the appealed ruling was correct and consistent with the provisions of the law, and then the court decides to support it because of the absence of the error and the causal relationship between the error and the damage, and that the medical reports were made two days after the children left the hotel, in addition to that it was not proven with the documents that what Children were injured as a result of the hotel swimming pool.

He added that the element of error has not been proven by papers, nor is it insinuating that there are many complaints from inmates on communication sites, or exchanged emails between the two parties to the dispute, and the element of error and the causal link between error and damage has not been proven, and then all the reasons for the appeal came without evidence from Reality and the law deserves to be rejected, and with it the court decides to uphold the appealed ruling, and obliges the appellant to pay the fees and attorney fees.

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