China News Agency, Paris, December 14 (Reporter Li Yang) The Paris Metro opened a new line on the 14th local time-the northern extension of Line 14 in an effort to ease the pressure on public transportation in the northern suburbs of Paris.

  The new Paris Metro Line, which opened on the same day, has a total length of 5.8 kilometers and took 7 years of construction.

There are 4 stations on the whole line, namely Cardigne Bridge Station, Clichy Gate Station, Saint-Ouen Station and Saint-Ouen City Hall Station.

Cardigne Bridge Station, Saint-Ouen Station and Saint-Ouen City Hall Station were put into use on the 14th. The Porte Clichy station is still under renovation and will not be available until early next year.

  The reporter saw at the Saint-Ouen City Hall Station that many people shuttled back and forth in the subway station hall, busy taking pictures of stop signs, maps and entrances and exits.

The geographical position of the subway station is superior, located in the local bustling section, which is convenient for people to travel.

A number of Paris subway staff were dispatched to various locations in the subway station to provide guidance services to the public.

  The reporter took the subway train to run through the new line, and the whole journey was generally stable, but there was a noticeable slowdown at the Clichy Gate Station, which has not yet been opened.

Many posters of the new subway lines have been posted on the platforms of various subway stations.

  French Prime Minister Castel attended the opening ceremony held on the same day and inspected the subway platform and visited the new subway train.

He said that the subway line has been carefully planned and has facilitated people's daily life.

After the new subway line was put into use, the subway journey between central Paris and the Saint-Ouen area in the northern suburbs of Paris was shortened to 15 minutes.

  The northern extension of Paris Metro Line 14 can be interchanged with Paris Metro Line 13, Greater Paris Suburban Railway and Express Rail Line C.

As the capacity of Paris Metro Line 13 is becoming saturated and the passenger flow is too large, the new line can effectively divert passengers on Line 13.

  Line 14 of the Paris Metro was put into use in 1998 and is the first line in the Paris Metro to be fully automated.

Line 14 runs through the center of Paris. It carried 91.6 million passengers in 2019 and has become one of the most important Paris metro lines.

  The extension of Line 14 of the Paris Metro is still in progress. The southern extension line under construction will extend to Orly Airport and is scheduled to be completed in 2024. If it goes well, it may provide services for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.