The EU and the UK decide to continue negotiations on future relations

  Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, December 13 (Reporter Li Jizhi and Wang Huihui) European Commission President Von der Lein and British Prime Minister Johnson had a phone call on the 13th. The two sides decided to continue negotiations on the future relationship and strive to reach an agreement in a short time.

  Von Delane delivered a video speech at noon that day and read out a short EU-UK joint statement.

Von Delane said she had a "constructive and helpful" conversation with Johnson.

The two parties unanimously decided to authorize their respective teams to continue negotiations and strive to reach an agreement in the short time remaining.

  Von Delane said that although the negotiating teams of both sides have been exhausted from continuous work, both sides have the responsibility to work harder.

The next negotiations will still take place in Brussels.

  Johnson visited the EU headquarters in Brussels on the evening of the 9th and held talks with Von der Lein.

However, the two sides failed to bridge the major differences in the trade agreement negotiations, and the talks failed to achieve a breakthrough.

Von der Lein then said through social media that the EU and Britain will make a decision on whether to continue negotiations on future relations before the 13th.

  Britain officially "Brexit" on January 31 this year, and then entered an 11-month transition period.

The two sides started negotiations on future relations with a trade agreement as the core in March, and look forward to reaching an agreement during the transition period.

If no agreement is reached, the bilateral trade will return to the World Trade Organization framework from 2021 and re-implement arrangements such as border inspections and tariffs.

Due to major differences on the level of playing field, contract performance management, and fishery issues, the two parties’ trade agreement negotiations continue to fall into a deadlock.