Schwerin (dpa / mv) - Parents should look after their daycare and after-school care children at home from Wednesday until January 10, if possible.

With this appeal, which also includes children with child minders, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's Minister of Social Affairs Stefanie Drese (SPD) turned to the mothers and fathers in the country on Monday.

“We now have to do everything we can to reduce contacts and thus the number of infections.

Not going to the day care center from Wednesday onwards helps to be able to safely celebrate Christmas with grandma and grandpa ”, explained Drese in a letter to the parents.

Even if the daycare centers and day care centers are not drivers of infection according to what we know so far, the protection phase can take precautions.

"I also see the restrictions on contact as an opportunity to continue our country's previous course of keeping daycare centers and schools largely open."

In contrast to other federal states, the state government has now decided against closings with emergency care.

The legal right to care still exists, the care times are not restricted.

Nevertheless, Drese appealed to keep the children at home if possible.

“But we want to work together again to step up our efforts to reduce the number of contacts.

The groups in the day-care centers can, if you help as parents, become smaller, because all the educators and specialists stay on board, "she explained.


Since Monday, most students from grade seven in MV have had to study at home because of the high number of corona infections.

Exceptions are the city and the district of Rostock, where the numbers have so far been lower.

The compulsory attendance will be lifted from Wednesday up to the sixth grade.

So if you are worried about sending your child to school in view of the infection situation, you can keep them at home.


December 21 in MV the two-week Christmas holidays begin.

Around 114,000 children are cared for in MV in daycare centers, after-school care centers and day parents.

Letter from Minister of Social Affairs Drese to parents