• Attack on Saudi oil plants, CNN: "Missiles launched from Iran"

  • Saudi Arabia.

    Iran against the US: 'Blaming us will not stop the disaster in Yemen'

  • Hormuz, Iran seizes a British oil tanker.

    The US deploys soldiers in Saudi Arabia

  • The Court of Gibraltar orders the release from seizure of the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1

  • Refinery attacks.

    Aramco postpones deliveries to October.

    Trump: I don't want war with Iran but ready


October 11, 2019Tension in the Red Sea: two explosions rocked an Iranian oil tanker that was sailing off the coast of Saudi Arabia, 100 kilometers from the port of Jeddah.

According to the Iranian Oil Company (NITC), the ship was "probably" hit "by missiles".

"All the crew are safe and sound and the ship is stable," the company said, specifying that on board they are trying to repair the damage.

Contrary to what was initially stated, "there are no fires on board and the ship is completely stable," added NITC.

The explosions hit the hold of the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti, causing an oil spill in the Red Sea with "the spill of crude oil under control", explains the Iranian news agency Irna. 

Background in the Persian Gulf

Today's episode is part of a high-tension scenario: last month, missiles hit two major state oil installations in eastern Saudi Arabia overlooking the Persian Gulf.

The attack on Aramco was claimed by the Houthi Shiite Yemeni rebels but Riyadh and Washington initially pointed the finger at Tehran.

In recent months, there have been provocations and incidents in the region: Iran has blocked several oil tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz, shared with IOman, after one of its tankers was seized by British authorities near the strait in July. of Gibraltar.

Effects on the stock market

The price of oil has flattened out.

On the electronic circuit, futures on Light crude Wti rose by 1.22 dollars to 54.77 dollars and those on Brent rose by 1.42 dollars to 60.52 dollars.